Friday, May 24

Preview: The new 35th scale Grant Mk. I - full interior kit from MiniArt is imminent...

Until now it has only been in CAD form and in planned new releases, now MiniArt has a lot more detail to their new 35th scale Grant full interior kit that is soon hitting our shelves. We have Colours, decals, sprues & features and some on the original tank in our preview.

MiniArt presents the new Grant Mk. I in1/35th scale

Grant Mk. I - Full Interior Kit
From: MiniArt
Kit No # 35217
Box size: 386 x 240 x 90 mm
1/35th scale

The "Grant" tank in history
The M-3 was an American medium tank used during the Second World War. The American’s would know the tank as the Lee (named after the Confederate General Lee), however, a few small modifications and the tank would become known as the Grant (named after the Union General Grant).

The main difference between the Grant and the Lee is the turret configuration and the tool boxes. The turret of the Grant is noticeably elongated at the rear. This was to accommodate a Wireless Set No.19. It also provided the crew with stronger armour, however, the machine gun cupola seen on the Lee turret was deleted.
During the early part of the war, it became apparent that there was an immediate need for a medium tank that could carry a 75mm gun. Hence in July of 1940, plans for the first M-3 were rushed into production.
The urgency in which the tanks were required would see a number of shortcomings with the design.  Whilst the firepower was adequate, and the armour was heavy, the tank design featured a very high silhouette which made it easy to pick off on the battlefield. Riveted construction also proved to be problematic and in a lot of cases deadly for the crews as they would fire off in all directions inside the tank if it was to take a hit.
The mounting system of the large 75mm was also very backward in its design and seriously limited the ability to track and aim the weapon. Whilst the overall performance of the M-3 was questionable, it was still respected by the German Commanders of the time, and was regarded as a worthy adversary to the Panzer IV.
The Grant saw extensive action in the early stages of the North African conflict but would go on to be replaced by the likes of the Sherman.  The Grant did, however, see action right up to 1945 in South East Asia.
Monty's Grant here with the man using it for forward information.

The new kit from Miniart:
Long in the promise, the whole family of M3 Lee / General Grant tanks is now looking like it is on the way. The British version of the tank is offered this time in Mk. I configuration. We have the feature set of the tank here to give you some context of the parts we will show you later.

The advertised feature set from MiniArt:
Workable We210 Tracks Included
Continental R975 Engine Included
Fully Detailed Fighting Compartment Interior
Driver Compartment Interior Accurately Represented
All Hatches Can Be Posed Open & Closed
Photo-etched Parts Included
Clear Parts Included
Decals Sheet For 8 Variants
British Rucksacks, Bags & Folded Canvas Included
The sprue trees - still in CAD - showing the layout of the very large full interior kit.
 Some clear parts for periscopes and other parts are included.
 The Photo-Etch parts are of a minimum for a full interior kit.
The Decals are printed in the Ukraine also
 The seven (7) colour choices of the kit - some lovely examples in here.

For more on this #35217 kit as it comes to light check out the product link on the MiniArt Website