Sunday, June 23

Masterbox's new figures for July - political, deadly & all of them "sssmokin"

Masterbox continues to bring us new and very interesting subjects in a way that only they know how - not often do you see injection moulded figures depicting Post-apocalypse Amazons with a beaten captive and Special Operatives giving boy soldiers cigarettes. See more about these two new 35th scale releases in our preview...

Masterbox' two new kits of July / August 2019

Masterbox really are fearless - and we admire them for it - they are amongst only a few plastic injection moulding companies that try something new - with their 24th scale fantasy figures of recent times, both space age and ancient mythological, their car 7 truck series, also the 35th scale figures from different eras than this century. We know this isn't for everyone but we like it...

Although there are four-figure releases for July / August - we will look at the 35th scale figures first.

“Desert Battle Series. Skull Clan - New Amazons. This is not the place for strangers!”
1/35th scale. 
This kit continues the series of kits in 1/35th scale dedicated to fictional post-apocalyptic period, it shows the adventures of the "New Amazons" - a tribal association of women who reject male society fundamentally and use men exclusively for procreation.
The kit allows creating both an independent vignette and large-scale diorama by using the figures from 35122 "Desert Battle Series, Skull Clan - Death Angels" kit that we put together here on TMN in 2018.
The kit includes the parts for the assembly of 5 figures – 4 figures of women warriors and 1 figure showing a male who was captured by New Amazons after the fight. ("looks like it's milkin' time buddy!!!!")
 This could get bad - or not...
The figures are united by a single story, they are animated very well and interact with each other in this one scene with the man captive or not - it is your choice.

“Somewhere on our planet. Sharing a smoke” 
- Modern Wars era Series
1/35th scale. 
This kit covers a very current topic of warlords, factions & governments using children in the war as soldiers. The kit includes two adult "operators" and two African boys taken as soldiers into one of the local armed group or militia.

Masterbox as a company wanted to highlight the plight of these children soldiers - and in no way do they support either them smoking or being used as soldiers - in spite of this - these two could be used in a very powerful diorama for the modeller to tell a story.
These two new figure sets will be available in all of Masterbox' distributors Worldwide come July / August of 2019