Wednesday, June 19

Two "bodi"ies of German tankers in 35th in three packages from the Bodi

The Bodi Miniatures has a new figure which makes a set with the Panzer Officer they released about a month ago. Both sculpted in 35th scale, they will make a nice addition to your German tank diorama. We look at them both as singles and as a set in our preview...

Two "bodi"ies in three packages from the Bodi

German Waffen SS Officer.


1/35th scale 
Boxart by Jaume Ortiz.
2 head options included. 
Price: 12.50 €

This new figure of a Waffen SS Officer from WWII is sculpted by Krisztián Bódi and in the instance of this boxart - painted by Jaume Ortiz. The 35th scale man comes with a choice of two heads - both with different headgear.  The officer's peaked cap, with the SS skull and crossbones, noted on the front, also the winter weight Russian style fur lined hat the "Ushanka", which was adopted after the first winter in the east by German troops.
You can see the German SS officer has the earlier war style cavalry breeches and grey tunic on - he also has the high leg style german "jackboot" on - these elements place him about at the early-to the mid-war period.
The "Kharkov Parka" further narrows down the time to probably 1942 onwards - I do like the way the parka is sculpted over his regular uniform clothing, sitting in thick folds over his body and hanging with some representation of weight at the hood on the rear of the figure.

German Panther Commander WW II
1/35th scale
Boxart example painted by Jaume Ortiz
price: 12.50 €
This German tanker could well be suited to the raft of Panther releases in the last year - or any other late war German tanks. He is seen here perched upon the deck of his tank looking down at the scene below.
We say late war German because of his reversible anorak and pants. Thick boots, I am not sure what kind as they are topped with fur that looks like it lines them to keep, with the thick mittens he is wearing this soldier warm on the Eastern front.

German Panther Commander & Waffen SS Officer WW II
1/35th scale 
Boxart by Jaume Ortiz.
2 head options included on the SS officer figure only. 
Price: 24.00 €
These two figures are naturally suited to join together in your German tank diorama - Panther, Tiger, whatever - I like the fact that the clothing matches in winter weight but it is very different from man to man. These two complement each other in "Bodi" language also😜.
These new figures are all available now from The Bodi Website...