Thursday, August 1

MiniArt's new 35th scale Tank Destroyer from Romania looks pretty awesome!

MiniArt continues to pick the unusual but still very relevant choices from WWII - This time the boxing of the TACAM T-60 Romanian Tank Destroyer kit with a full interior. We have some of the details in CAD form, with colours and markings of the kit in our new item preview...

Another new kit from Miniart via Romania...

TACAM T-60 Romanian Tank Destroyer. Interior Kit
Kit No #35230
Scale: 1:35
Box size: 386x240x60 mm
TACAM T-60 in history:
Inspired by Germany’s Marder this Romanian tank destroyer is an interesting vehicle. Basically, the TACAM T-60 was a turretless chassis with a Russian 76.2 mm (3.00 in) M-1939 F-22 field gun mounted on top without carriage, and a three-sided shield protecting the servants. In many cases, the original GAZ engine was replaced with a Dodge-Derotto-Fargo (under licence) F.H.2, and a new engine cover with better cooling was adopted. 
The suspensions were reinforced to cope with the added weight, with stronger torsion arms and new roadwheels (on the late series). The shield plates originated from captured BT-7s and other Soviet tank hulls, and were 15 mm (0.59 in) thick and sloped. The frontal part was pierced in a cross-like shape for direct vision and increased traverse. The maximal traverse was 32° and elevation +8 -5°.
Forty-four rounds were carried inside and partly in the four storage boxes mounted on the front and rear of the mudguards on each side. To soften the massive recoil and reduce the rolling, a rotating brake (to be firmly dug into the ground) was fixed at the rear of the hull. There was a hull machine-gun for close defence. The hull frontal armour was increased to 35 mm (1.38 in), and in other parts to 25 mm (0.98 in). The gun was not designed for the antitank role, but the muzzle velocity indirect fire was nonetheless impressive, and the HE rounds had enough punch to do some serious damage to a T-34 and destroy and disable any lighter vehicle.
Conversions took place for only a few months at Ateliere Leonida in Bucharest. When ready at the end of 1943, they were sent to the Mechanised Training Centre. Sixteen later formed the 61st TACAM Company and were attached to the 1st Armored Regiment, while eighteen formed the 62nd TACAM Company (2nd Armored Regiment). They saw action on the Bessarabian and Moldavian fronts. On February 24, 1944, the Cantemir Armored Group was formed to defend Northern Transnistria, with a battery of fourteen TACAM T-60s. After a successful delaying action, these units joined a new defensive line to hold the Soviet Jassy-Kishniev Offensive. Losses are unknown, nor the fate of the surviving vehicles after Romania sided with the Soviet Union on October 1944. 

Features of MiniArt's new kit:
This brand new kit looks to be on the release timescale for early next year. We have some CAD pictures of the kit with detail points notated there - It is a really good way of pointing out on the kit what the company wants to highlight...

Separated Tracks are included in the kit
All Hatches Can Be Posed Open Or Closed
Engine Included - as well as a complete interior
More features of the kit in CAD illustrations from MiniArt
Photo-Etched Parts Included
The sprues included with the kit - Miniart modellers will not many parts from the Russian 76mm gun and the T-60 light tank kits with new sprues...
3 Variants Of Painting And Marking on the decal sheet are included
This kit is due in the next two months - or even sooner - so if you like it check out Miniart's page for distributors near you for when the time comes...