Saturday, August 31

New item preview: MiniArt's 35th scale "Lieferwagen" Typ 170v German Beer Delivery Car

MiniArt has made the Typ170V before - in military and civilian versions - but never before as a van or delivery car! See what MiniArt are serving us up in this latest incarnation of a van packed with goodies in our preview...

Miniart "roll out" the barrel from their new beer delivery Typ 170V's...

Lieferwagen Typ 170v German Beer Delivery Car
From: MiniartKit 
No #38035
1:35th scale
Box size: 345x240x60 mm
The Mercedes Type 170V Lieferwagen (German for "Delivery Van") was one of the variants of the successful Type 170 that was produced before, during and after WWII in many various forms from roadsters, cabriolet's  Kubelwagens, utility vehicles, four-door passenger wagons, ambulances and other variants. It is a very popular vehicle amongst Mercedes enthusiasts and until recently not produced by many model makers in 1/35th scale.
MiniArt has made a few of these vehicles in 35th scale, this time, a very smart way of changing the look of their moulds with a delivery van version of the car, complete with cargo for the back and decals for the commercial uses of the kit.
Features of MiniArt's new kit:
This brand new kit looks to be on the release timescale for early next year. We have some CAD pictures of the kit with detail points notated there - It is a really good way of pointing out on the kit what the company wants to highlight...
The sprues included with the kit 

Photo-etched parts included
Clear parts included
Bottles and boxes included
Decal sheet for 3 variants - all of them commercial vehicles.
Colour profiles of these three cars from the period - all of them beer delivery vans - suggesting we could get boxings of toher delivery cans or ambulances in the future!
      A 3D mock-up in CAD of the finished article...
This kit is due in the next two months - or even sooner - so if you like it check out Miniart's page for distributors near you for when the time comes...