Monday, September 2

Preview: 1/35th scale Panther crew, Normandy 1944 from Stalingrad Miniatures

Stalingrad Miniatures has a simple new set of three German tankers for your latest Panther (or any other tank you can make them work on) model on your benchtop. We have some basic pictures of the figures and of the picture that the sculpts were based on in our preview...

Preview: Panther crew, Normandy 1944 from Stalingrad Miniatures

Preview: Panther crew, Normandy 1944 
from Stalingrad Miniatures
Kit no # 3177
1/35th scale 
Set contains 2 figures + 1 bust
Alexander Zelenkov, the head fo Stalingrad Miniatures has sent us details of their latest set of three figures for any of the Panthers that are on the market (and there are plenty) in 35th scale.

Alex used this picture as a guide and inspiration for this Panther crew. These guys are driving this heavily camouflaged PAnther down the road in the narrow hedged-in roads of Normandy after the D-Day invasion of 1944.
In that neat way that they show off their figures, we have some pictures of the two full bodied figures and the half-figure/ bust that make up the three visible crew of the Panther.
The figure on the left is the driver, with one of his arms resting on the top of the hull, Panzerwrap jacket shown along with the flat, overseas M41 cap and earphones or "cans" that the tanker uses to revive instructions from the commander.
The centre figure is the Commander of the tank. He is easily recognizable as the TC as he sports these BIG optical/ binoculars on his chest. Resting his right hand on the cupola as he surveys the road/ ground ahead, he is a full body figure, with Panzer wrap and uniform pants right down to his short, latter-war issued boots. He also has the cans and flat M1941 cap on his head. Both of these figures will need the strap on the head and the wires to connect these cans to the themselves and the tank.
Seen from behind, we look at the last of the three figures - this time a crewman that is unidentified, the loader or maybe the radio/ MG Gunner? His is wearing the black panzer wrap pants and a field grey tunic with his short jacket off. One would think that this is a tanker from a summer (think June 1944­čśÇ) timeframe. He also wears the short, laced boots and flat forage cap as do his comrades.
Stalingrad give us some cool illustrations of the figures in place as you might see in your own tank setting or diorama.
 Notice that the third tanker is seen sitting on the turret and he is sculpted to sit neatly on a 35th scale Panther.
These figures in the one set are now available  - For more information on where to get your own set or to see more of Alex' work - take a look at the Stalingrad Website