Tuesday, September 17

Preview: We pick the best out of Hasegawa's November new & limited edition kits...

Hasegawa's November releases are already taking their final form, and amongst the many re-releases, we picked the more interesting releases (there are even some new ones in there) for your October item preview today...

Hasegawa's November New & Limited Edition kits...

Maschinen Krieger Series
1:35th scale
Part number #64117 
This kit from the world of "Maschinen Krieger" includes the P.K.A. Ausf.G Gustav and Ausf.M Melusine! A painting guide card will be included, as will decals for 2 types of markings. Packaging art will be by Hiroshi Yokoyama. A5 size (front and back colour printing) paint card is included.

2 types of marking planned

Lamborghini Miura P400 SV w / Italian Girls
Figure #20423
1:24th Scale ... 
Model Total Length ... 181.5mm 
Model Full Width ... 77mm
1/24 scale Lamborghini Miura and sexy Italian female resin figure set! Lamborghini Miura's body part colour is orange. Mr. Satoshi Kashimura is in charge of the prototype production of the figure.

Hollywood Celebrity Girls
 Figure #fc07
1:24th Scale
Model Height ... Approximately 76mm
Add a touch of Tinseltown glamour to your 1/24 model car displays with these two unpainted resin Hollywood celebrity-style figures! The sunglasses can be removed or attached as you wish.

1: 72nd Scale
Part Number ……… SP436 
Model Length … 135.5mm 
Model Width … 37.5mm
Features the DSV Shinkai 6500 submersible vehicle together with a seabed diorama and a support base for display. With deep-sea creature acrylic plates, "Shinkai 6500" plastic model, and a set of scene sheets, Diorama of package illustrations by Kato Kato!

“Shinkai 6500” can be selected before and after renovation (remodelling work was completed in March 2012).

Product contents
・Color printed matter: Scene sheet (bi-folded cardboard)
・ Acrylic plate: Deep-sea creature (Rabuka)
・Plastic model: Shinkai 6500

12 Egg Girls Collection No.05 “Rio Asaka” (Maid)
 1:12th Scale
Part Number #SP434
The 5th 1/12th scale Egg Girls Collection. Taro Mochikomi is in charge of prototype production. This 1/12-scale resin figure kit of Rio Asaka in a maid outfit, from the Egg Girls collection, is ready for you to assemble, paint and display

Eye decals included

VF-31E Siegfried “Reina Prowler Color” Movie version Macross Δ
1: 72nd Scale
Part number #65862
Model length … 261.1mm 
Model width … 192.8mm
This kit of Reina Prowler's VF-31E Siegfried from "Macross Delta the Movie" is moulded in green, and features decals for its distinctive markings. Also included is an embroidered patch featuring an illustration by Nao Higashiyama, about 9cm in diameter.
With a hand-drawn illustration patch by Nao Higashiyama who is in charge of Reina's voice!
(Estimated 9cm diameter embroidery type)
The sprues of the kit are moulded in green.
The package is a CG specification produced by Hidetaka Tenjin.
Limited collaboration with "Sing Macross" has been decided!
3DCG Reina with AR function sings and dances ♪
* Character figures are not included in the kit.

Reina Prowler Color

Kawasaki KH250-B3
1:12th Scale
Part Number #BK8 
Model Length ... 165.5mm 
Model Height ... 109mm 
Model Width … 70mm
Licensed Product of Kawasaki. The “legitimate successor” of the legendary Mach
Selectable kit for KH250-B3 (1978) and KH250-B4 (1979). This kit of the Kawasaki KH250-B3/B5 includes new parts for the engine and muffler and can be built as the 1978 KH250-B3 or the 1979 KH250-B4. Includes decals for the body sideline and the Kawasaki logo, and is moulded in green, black and light gray. 

Sprue Colours:
Green: Tank / Side Cover, etc.
Black: Frame / Sheet, etc.
Light Gray: Engine, etc.
Clear: Headlight, etc.

Chrome-plated parts:
Front fenders, wheels, etc.
Additional plastic parts

“KAWASAKI" Fuel tank marking

Mi-24 Hind “UAV”
1: 72nd scale
Part number #02317
Hasegawa's kit of the Mi-24 Hind UAV drone includes new resin parts for the cockpit fairing panel and turret camera under the nose, and includes decals for the Russian Air Force.

New resin parts
Cockpit fairing panel
Turret camera on the underside of the nose

Russian Air Force affiliation machine full light grey paint

All of these kits should be available at your local hobby shop this month. To see more on these kits or distributors closer to you take a look at the Hasegawa Website