Saturday, September 21

Yes it's a new tool 48th scale B-17G in October from Hong Kong Models...

OK, so this had to happen didn't it? The new kit from Hong Kong Models of their Boeing B-17 scale is coming in the 4th quarter of 2019 - but this one is not in 32nd scale! That is right, the 48th scale B-17 Flying Fortress is on the way from HK...

A new quarter scale Flying Fortress from HK Models 

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress (early production)
 1/48th scale
Item no: #01F001
Two marking choices in the one box
Coming in the 4th quarter of 2019 (October 2019)
HK Models Website
So most people would think that a new B-17 from Hong Kong Models would be in 32nd scale - but ohhh they's be wrong in this case - or just not informed. We have been thinking this is coming for a while now, and we can say that this all-new tooling 48th scale B-17G (Early Production) is on the way in the last quarter (very soon guys) of this year - wow huh?

We already have the CAD of the new tooled (but very familiar) B-17G with no detail spared in this smaller scale by the look of it...
HK are promising this 1/48 kit with easy and quick to build, very detail surface detail and sensible engineering, with the design concept of this kit combining HK's past experiences with the 32nd scale kit along with the same detail, simple but detailed build and engineering.

The internal details of the kit look very similar to what we have already seen from HK in larger scales which is very promising...
The full bomb bay you may have seen in its larger sibling is recreated in 48th scale. Full landing gear and ball turret detail s also look familiar.
 Although they are harder to see here you can still see the tiny rivets for the B-17 recreated here with recessed detail. Such fine rivet patterns are pretty remarkable for this scale.
 The rear gunners & tail gunner is of similar detail to their larger scale kit, nothing is spared with these stations and the radio operator's position also.
 The front office of the Fortress, with a detailed navigator and bombardier's position and front guns with the trademark chin turret. The pilot and co-pilot's position looks very like their larger-scale kit and the top turret again shows us the same quality.
There are two marking choices that come in the box - one in natural metal and the other in OD/ grey which is great for modellers:

B-17G-40-VE, s/n 42-98008, 25-G, 834th BS/ 486th BG. Sudbury, UK, Late Summer 1944
Nickname: American Beauty
Production block number: B-17G-40-VE
Manufacturer: Vega
Markings and paint scheme/livery: 2S-G
 Node art of this kite...

B-17G-15-BO, s/n 42-31353, LG-O, 332nd BS/ 91st BG. Bassingbourn, UK, Early Spring 1944
The nose art of B-17G serial 42-31353 "Queenie" (coded LG-Q) of the 322nd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group. Image by William D "Bill" Pulliam, 91st Bomb Group. Written on slide casing: '91 BG winter 43, Bassingbourn.
Well, that is all we know so far about this new kit, We will know more soon,  and let you know as we do...

This kit is available from Hong Kong Models Distributors in October 2019...