Sunday, October 6

A brand new 48th set of P-47 decals of striped & checked Thunderbolts from Thundercals...

The biggest P-47 Thunderbolt fan I know (and there are many) is Norris Glaser. His decal making company is called "Thundercals" and guess what his latest release is... YEP - not the 1/144th Mirage F.1 - but a new set of decals featuring the P-47 in 48th scale - and they look very nice to this here Thunderbolt fan. See what the latest release is in our preview...

New Thundercals Decal Release     

P-47D Bubbletop and Razorback Thunderbolts ETO Pt 1
84th FS/78th FG/8th Air Force; 336th FS, 387th FS/365th FG
1/48th scale decal set
Six marking choices plus other features included
Product No #Tcal 48006  
 Decals printed by Cartograf
Artwork by Bombshell.   
Price: $24.00USD
This new set of Thunderbolt decals comes for now just in 48th scale, No doubt these would sell well aslo in other scales, however, for now, you get:
·       Complete decal sets are now available for purchase
·        2 decal set. Cartograf printed/ artwork by Bombshell.   $24.00
·       2 completely different, accurate checker sets + touch up checkers for the 84th FS aircraft
Schemes featured P-47 aircraft in this set: 

· MA Cherie! Razorback natural Metal Finish 336th FS/365th FG
· TURNIP TERMITE Razorback, OD/N. Grey 387th FS/365th FG
· SNAFU Razorback OD/N grey (2 versions;) full invasion stripes or later lower invasion stripes with black rudder 84th FS/78th FG
· OZARK QUEEN Bubbletop OD/N Grey 84th FS/78th FG
· NO GUTS NO GLORY Bubbetop RAF Green/Sky Grey 84th FS/78th FG
Also on the decal set:
Aircraft data, prop data tail stripes 2 different types of accurate checkers (fitted to the Tamiya 1/48th scale T-bolt family) A spare girl for Ma Cherie and touch up checkers for both checker types.
The set includes complete instructions including large profiles, A/c pilot/crew info, data placement, a page explaining the 78th FG checkers. 

Adding your own work to the gallery at Thundercals:
You can also add your own Thunderbolt - any scale or manufacturer - to the Thundercals website to add to the community ther or to see some interesting articles like “How to Paint Invasion Stripes" by Ed Mate. Many of these articles and “How-To” files will be useful for all types of modelling, not just Thunderbolts.  If you have an article or tip column that you would like on the site, please submit text + images to .
  See more about this release and the other five P-47 Decal sets that Thundercals has at their website