Sunday, October 13

An AZ, a Kent, a BREM & a nice bit of Gammon, with sprues, colours & boxart from Trumpeter in October

Four new products should be hitting the shelves of your local hobby shop this month. A big Russian mover, a big Russian missile launcher, a big Russian recovery vehicle and the even bigger HMS Kent are on the table for this month. See what we mean as we look at the boxart, decal and marking choices and sprue layout in our new item preview for August from Trumpeter.

Four new items with sprues, colours & boxart from Trumpeter in October

Russian BREM-1 Armoured Recovery Vehicle

1:35th scale
BREM-1 ARV to support the Soviet T-72 MBT developed. Its main role is to rescue the damaged tanks and other armoured vehicles on the battlefield without a fixed repair and maintenance facility. The damaged vehicles under fire, or to help the crew on-site maintenance.
BREM-1 based on T-72A MBT chassis, powered by a V-46 multi-fuel diesel engine, developing 780 hp. This ARV is operated by a crew of three. Equipped with pre dozer, 19 tons of cranes, the maximum lifting weight. Main winch traction to 25 tons, in the use of the pulley group, can increase to 100 tons. Auxiliary winch traction to 530 kg. The maximum towing capacity of 50 tons. Hull of this ARV has the same level of protection as T-72 MBT. With a quite calibre 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, prepares the ball 840. BREM-1 began production in 1984, and delivered a total of 342 vehicles in 1990.
Model Length: 232mm Width: 106mm 
Total 29 sprues and lower hull
More Features The kit consists of over 1000 parts
slide moulded lower hull
individual tracks
photo-etched parts included

Russian 5V28 of 5P72 Launcher SAM-5 “Gammon”
Model no: #09550
1:35th scale
The NPO Almaz S-200 Angara, NATO reporting name SA-5 Gammon, is a very long-range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile(SAM) system designed in the 1960s to defend large areas from bomber attack or other strategic aircraft. S-200V "Vega" (SA-5b), with the V-860PV/5V21P missile, introduced in 1970, range 250 km (155 mi), ceiling 29 km (95,000 ft).
A helpful set of images is included with this kit
Colour markings in the kit
The sprues & metal parts
Model Length: 326.2mm   Width: 128.4mm 
Total 10 sprues, missile body and launchpad
The kit consists of over 370 parts
multi-slide moulded  launchpad
PE parts included

HMS Kent
Model no: #05352
1:350th scale
 HMS Kent is 1928 County built the Royal Navy heavy cruiser. Kent class is a subtype of County class cruisers first ship. Upon completion, the ship was sent to China. HMS Kent in late 1939 in the eastern Indian Ocean to participate in the hunt German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee of operations in early 1940 and then was re-assigned to the Indian army escort mission, she was transferred to the Mediterranean in mid-1940, but shortly after arriving was torpedoed, and then repair the year. 

Markings of the kit
After the repair has been carried out in service to the local fleet and intercept enemy fleet guarding tasks. The ship retired in 1946 until 1948 in Toulon shipyard dismantling sold.

The sprues & metal parts of the kit
Model Length: 548.5mm   Beam: 65.6mm 
anchor chain included
Total 11 sprues, hull, superstructure and deck
 -  the kit contains over 400 parts
-  the hull made from two-directional slide moulds
-  Deck wood pattern finely rendered
-  Contains display stand
- photo-etched parts included

AZ-537G Late Production type with ChMZAP-9990 semi-trailer 01065
Model no: #01065
    1:35th Scale
The first prototypes of the MAZ-537 were built in 1958 and series production was launched in 1960. The new vehicle incorporated an engine developing 525hp at 2100rpm-a very high figure for that time, even armoured vehicle and tanks had offer fewer hp-and many significant changes in the fuel supply, cooling system and lubrication which made a complete redesign of the engine compartment covers and louvres necessary. Nearly all components of the frame and chassis were reinforced as well increasing the total weight to 21.6tons (total gross weight 87tons) allowing a load of up to 50 tons to be towed.

Marking choices of the kit
Masks for the windows of the truck are included
The first series of the MAZ-537 remained in production in Minsk until 1964 before it was shifted to Kurgan Factory as was done with the MAZ-535 before.
Model Length: 595mm, Width: 97.2mm   
Total 17 sprues, cab and tires
Detailed multi-directional slide-moulded cab.
Full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
The main tires are hollow rubber with tread pattern

These new kits should be available from your LHS or Trumpeter's Distributors this month...