Wednesday, November 13

Decal Review: 1/48th scale "Last in Line Vol.1" from Exito Decals

Exito Decals has released two new decal sheets recently, both of them in 48th scale, and while the first set Gary looked at were late-model Spitfires as their subjects, today sees the other side get a run with late WWII Bf-109's thrust into the action. See what he thought about this sheet in his review... 

Decal Review: Last in Line Vol.1
1:48th scale Decals
Manufacturer: Exito
Set No #ED48006
Reviewed: November 2019
Available from:
Exito was originally founded in 2008 as an internet hobby shop. In 2010, they expanded by launching a brick and mortar store in Cracow, Poland, and soon achieved a strong position within the domestic modelling market. Initially via an Ebay shop and more recently via an English version of their webstore Exito has slowly but surely expanded internationally.

Exito produces its decal sets in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale. The decal sheets are printed by industry leader, Cartograf of Italy, which ensures top printing quality and ease of application. These are complemented by instructions that differ from the plain market standard.

The decal sheet included in the set, Exito's decals are printed by Cartograf of Italy.
What you get are essentially high quality colour prints with accurate and inspiring illustrations created by Anders Hjortsberg & Janusz Swiatlon. Each subject is presented on 200gsm heavy weight paper in A4. Large side aircraft profiles are printed on the front, and the remaining artwork, photos and all necessary information laid out on the rear side.

This way you not only get some cool decals for your model kit, but also attractive posters to adorn your man cave, at the same time!

This set is entitled The Last in Line Vol 1 and is the first of a series devoted to the German aircraft produced in the last months of World War II. This release covers three Bf 109 G-10s manufactured by WNF, including one machine used in the postwar Yugoslavia:

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10/U4, W.Nr. 61xxxx, coded 'Black 5', flown by Oblt. Fritz Nachster of 5./JG 52, Veszprem, Hungary, early March 1945.
 Pictures are included for a great reference of the real thing and to compare and contrast what is provided on the decal sheet
The picture is taken from the photo reference included in the sets. It is scanned at high DPI and blown up to show you the quality of the pictures included

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10/U4, W.Nr. 61xxx8, coded 'Yellow 6' of 6./JG 52, Ainring, Germany, May 1945.
 The reference material again highlights parts of this bird that are featured on the decal sheet and act as a reference guide.
  Blown up image scanned from the reference sheet included

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10/U4, W.Nr. 611023, coded 'White 45' / 'Black 9645', flown by Kap Franc Rupnik of 83.LAP, Pula, Yugoslavia, late October 1950
 Showing the aircraft's writing on top of the wing - an interesting feature! This is a good point of reference for the decal placement and a painting guide.
 Blown up from the reference sheet included
- 'Black 5' has never been reproduced in decal form before, whilst Exito felt the remaining two aircraft did not receive enough attention from other manufacturers.

CONCLUSION - Exito Decals 1:48 The Last in Line Vol 1" (48006)
Once again, the team at Exito continue to build on their range of excellent decals covering interesting and varied subjects. The inclusion of the high quality artwork and reference photos continues to be a differentiator for them in the market as the drawings and artwork are as much a reason to purchase as the decals themselves.

The decals are very well researched and I appreciate the inclusion of the reference photos & information for each subject. As with their previous sheets, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending them.

Gary Wickham

Thanks to the people at Exito Decals for sending these to Gary to review.