Thursday, November 21

Revell's November releases from land air, air and sea straight to you and me...

Revell has a few interesting kits for us this month. Some that will make great early Christmas presents if you can sneak them in! See the six kits on offer in November in our preview...

Revell's six November 2019 releases

Airbus A380-800 Emirates "Wild Life"
1:144th Scale
Product number: 03882
Number of parts:163
Length:504 mm
Wingspan:555 mm
29,99 € 
Emirates has set itself the goal of drawing attention to the illegal trade in wild animals and the serious threat to the world's most endangered animals. As part of the campaign, Emirates supports United For Wildlife, a campaign by the world's leading animal welfare organizations to end this trade. Emirates is taking this news to the air and around the world with special A380 versions. The 1:144 scale "Threatened Animals" model version enriches every collection.
- A model replica of the A380 with large decorative elements
- 22 wheels
- Detailed pylons and engines 

German Submarine Type IXC U67/U154
1:72nd scale
Product number: 05166
Number of parts:170
Length:1063 mm
Width:95 mm
Height:225 mm
99,99 € 
Model kit of the German submarine type IXC, seaworthy. The early boats were equipped with a tower known as a narrow tower with a small "winter garden".
- Hull representation with rivet and weld seam structure -Torpedo flaps optionally open or closed -Extendable periscopes and antennas
- Detailed tower side walls with compass and tower hatch
- Network deflector antennas and insulators
- Yarn for antenna replication
- 2 cm and 3.7 cm anti-aircraft cannon
- 10,5 cm gun
- Authentic Decals for U67 and U154

SLT 50-3 "Elefant" + Leopard 2A4
1:72nd scale
Product number: 03311
Number of parts:421
Length:262 mm
Width:59 mm
Height:65 mm
29,99 €
Model kit consisting of the SLT 50-3 "Elephant" and Leopard 2A4. With its 8x8 all-wheel drive and the payload of 52 tons, the SLT is undoubtedly the ideal transporter for vehicles in the weight class of a Leopard.
- The kit of SLT 50-3 "Elephant" and Leopard 2A4 included
- Semi-trailer can be variably attached & detached
- Movable ramps

Patrol Torpedo Boat PT-588/PT-57
1:72nd scale
Product number: 05165
Number of parts:176
Length:341 mm
Width:107 mm
Height:120 mm
24,99 € 
Model kit of the patrols Torpedo boats of the US Navy used in large numbers in the Pacific War.
- Two-piece hull
- Detailed deck superstructures
- interiors
- Two rocket launchers
- torpedoes
- Various machine guns
- Display stand
An authentic display of the following versions:
- PT-588, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron THIRTY-NINE (PTRon 39), Pacific Fleet, Samar, P.I., July 1945
- PT-579, Engine Torpedo Boat Squadron THIRTY-NINE (PTRon 39), Pacific Fleet, Samar, P.I., July 1945

Land Rover Series III
1:24th scale
Product number: 07047
Number of parts:184
Length:194 mm
Width:86 mm
Height:98 mm
29,99 € 
There are probably only a few vehicles in automotive history that can compete with the Land Rover in terms of cult status. And when it comes to robustness and off-road capability, no one can beat it anyway. 
For those who had a lot to transport in the terrain, the LWB or 109 version with a long wheelbase was the best choice. The third generation of the British known as Series III was built from 1971 on almost 15 years unchanged.

English Man O'War
1:96th scale
Product number: 05429
Number of parts:394
Length:747 mm
Width:270 mm
Height:638 mm
99 €
Demanding model kit. The powerful Man O'Wars of the Royal Navy was the most advanced warships of the world in the 16th century. They gained fame through the battle against the Spanish Armada. 
- Structured two-piece hull 
- Deck with wood look 
- Detailed deck superstructures 
- Cannons on mountings 
- Detailed masts 
- Authentic sails 
- Prefabricated shrouds 
- Included rigging yarn 
- Rowing boat 
- Rigging blocks 
- Display stands 
- Flag board 
- Authentic decals

These new models are now available to purchase at the links above from the Revell Website...