Sunday, November 3

Two mainstays of the cold war in 35th from Hobbyboss in our preview...

Two of the lynchpins of the communist forces of the last half-century, you will find the Russian KrAZ-260B Tractor with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G semitrailer & the PLA 59 Medium Tank both saw and continue to see service in many parts of the world until even now. Hobbyboss has made these two new kits in 35th scale. We have sprues, boxart, colours and stats in our preview...

Hobbyboss' November new releases...

Russian KrAZ-260B Tractor with MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G semitrailer 
Model no: #85523
1/35th scale
The ubiquitous Russian heavy-duty military tractor KrAZ-260B combined with a huge ChMZAP-5247G trailer. This is a very long model with a total length of 67.1mm and a width of 10mm. The cab is reproduced by slide mould, chassis, engine, mission, differential, etc. are precisely modelled, with hollow rubber tires with detailed patterns, brass wire parts, etched parts.

Colour schemes of the truck
Masks for transparent surfaces included
Trailer sprues
Truck sprues
Model Dimensions: Length: 671mm   Width: 100.4mm   
Total Plastic Parts: 630+
A total of 19 sprues, tires and semi-trailer
>  Detailed multi-directional slide-moulded cab
>  Clear parts for windows, lights & other transparencies
>  Complete with an engine, transmission, differential housing & suspension units.
>  Photo Etched parts included for both trailer and tractor unit.
>  The main tires are hollow rubber with a very good tread pattern

PLA 59 Medium Tank-early
1/35th scale
A medium tank of the People's Republic of China, licensed to produce a Soviet T-54 tank. By the middle of the 1980s, more than 10,000 tanks were produced, and it seems that nearly 5,000 tanks are still active while being refurbished. It can be said that this tank is the basis of all Chinese tanks after this for several years. The turret and the lower part of the hull body are reproduced with a slide mould, a connected assembly caterpillar, with etched parts.
Model Dimensions: Length: 257.3mm   Width: 93.4mm 
Total 15 sprues, lower hull, upper hull and turret
The kit consists of over 520 parts
- Two-directional slide moulded lower hull & turret
- 192 individual tracks links
-  photo-etched parts &  copper cable included
These two new kits are available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...