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Italeri's December items - in store just in time for any excuse present month...

Italeri has just posted their December releases online - they are available in their shop and soon, in your local hobby shop too. You might be able to get them just for Festivus(™)! We have the boxart, colours, decals and sprues of these kits in our December preview...

Italeri's December Crackers...

Stalingrad Siege 1942 - Battle Set
Kit No #6193
1/72nd Scale
Box Dim.: 440 x 270 x 70 mm mm
Price: € 74.00
The battle of Stalingrad was a turning point of the Second World War and one of the most famous battles of military history. The battle began in the summer of 1942 when the Soviet Red Army faced the German army for the control of Volga and Don rivers region. The military operations were focused on the symbolic city of Stalingrad destroyed by the intense German bombing. The ruins of the city became the theatre of brutal and fierce close-quarters combats. 

Included in the kit...
One of the most important German target was the control of the industrial area including the huge tractor factory, converted during the war to the production of T-34 tanks, destroyed by bombers and artillery fire. 

A decal sheet for the buildings and signage are provided
A T-34 (early turret) and Panzer IV Ausf.F are included for tank battles...
The soldiers - both German and Russsian, horse and field guns to populate your diorama
Street and house fittings for the buildings are included to bring more realism to the scene
On November 1942, the Soviets launched the large flanking manoeuvre to surround the Wehrmacht forces in Stalingrad that ended with the surrender of German Troops in the first months of 1943. The victory obtained by the Red Army was the starting point of Soviets offensive that brought them to Berlin in 1945.

Wooden laser cut buildings make a lot of the scenery - this is a representation of the Tractor factory which around a lot of the harshest fighting occurred.
The completed sets make an interesting small scale diorama

F-35B Lightning II (STOVL version)
Kit no #1425
1/72nd scale
Model Dim.: 21,7 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 48 mm
Price: € 30.00
100% New Moulds 
- Colour Instruction Sheet 
- U.S. Version with ''beast Mode'' External Armament Set Included
- Super Decals For 3 Versions in Italian, USMC & RN colours
The JSF Joint Strike Fighter program was a developmental project to create a new 5th generation all-weather multirole combat aircraft to replace the existing American and NATO strike-fighter force. The aerospace industry team led by aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin created the single-seat, single-engine F-35 Lightning II. This fighter employs stealth technology and is characterized by its trapezoidal wings and application of the most advanced hi-tech systems, materials and avionics. Designed to attain air superiority, provide close air support and undertake ground attack missions, it has been developed in differing configurations for its varying roles. 

The sprues of the kit
The F-35B with its STOVL (Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing) capability has been specifically designed to operate from modern aircraft carriers such as the British H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth or the Cavour, the flagship of the Italian Navy. The U.S Marines Corps plan to deploy the F-35B in both attack and ground support roles. The STOVL version is powered by the Pratt & Whitney afterburning turbofan and its swivel nozzle, which directs the thrust of the engine. Due in part to its operational flexibility, its advanced onboard technology, innovative design and performance features, the F-35 Lightning II is already a landmark aircraft in the world of 21st-century military aviation.

Kit built up from the first Test Shots

MiG-23 MF/BN Flogger
Kit No #2798
1/48th scale
Model Dim.: 35,2 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 60 mm
Price: € 31.00
Designed and developed in the latter part of the 1960’s by Mikoyan-Gurevich, the Mig-23 has for many years been the backbone of the Warsaw Pacts’ fighter squadrons. Introduced into service in the early ‘70s to replace the fast and agile but operationally limited Mig-21, the Soviet single-seat fighter (NATO reporting name: Flogger)  was characterized by the adoption of the variable swept-wing design. Due to its Tumanskij afterburning turbojet, the Mig-23 was able to reach a maximum speed of Mach 2.3. 

Super Decals For 6 Versions - Color Instructions Sheet
It was armed to perform its primary role with a 23 mm. gun and could also be loaded with various combinations of air-to-air missiles in its pylons. The ‘BN’ version was designed to perform strike and close support missions. The fighter was widely used by the Warsaw Pact Bloc and also by the air forces of several Countries supported by the former Soviet Union. The Mig-23 has consequently played an active role in many regional conflicts undertaking a variety of operational roles.

The sprues of the kit -  you can see the wings swing forward or to the rear after completing the model

Mercedes Benz G230
Kit No #3640
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 19,3 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 96 mm
Price: € 34.00
The Mercedes-Benz G-Class (G denotes ‘Geländewagen’, or off-road vehicle) was developed by the German car manufacturer during the 1970s and was developed through a partnership between Daimler-Benz and the Austrian Styer-Daimler-Puch company. The ‘G’ series cars were immediately characterised by being extremely robust, reliable and with a very good off-road capability thanks to their layout and the 4x4 traction. 

Colour and decal choices from this boxing
The car has been continuously improved and developed and today it is the most long-lived model of the Mercedes Benz production line up. Over the years its key design features changed very little, thereby demonstrating the worth and validity of the original design concept. One of the most successful versions was the MB G230 that gained considerable commercial success in many countries. Today, the G-series is positioned in the marketplace as a premium luxury SUV, which is in sharp contrast to its original off-road role.

TIGER - WoT - Easy to Build Kit
Kit No #34103
1/72nd scale
Price: € 9.90
Model Dim.: 11,8 cm
Box Dim.: 220 x 150 x 30 mm
A new line in scale 1:72 easy to assemble complete with stand base, in-game Bonus code (PC version), Invitation code (PC version) and stickers for customizations
Development of the Tiger began in 1937. Mass production started in 1942 with 1347 vehicles being manufactured in total. Its design was iconic with a suspension similar to the Panther and a hull that extended over its tracks. This could accommodate a wide-ringed turret mounting the infamous 8,8 cm Kw.K 36 L/56 gun.
Decals are included for several WOT tanks
The bonus code is only valid for the European and American game server
Sprues of this easy to build kit
Tigers first saw combat in the fight for Leningrad and soon featured in the majority of German armoured engagements. It was the first German heavy tank of WWII and proved to be formidable against Allied and Soviet units which mostly consisted of Sherman and T-34 tanks.

The finished kit before paint & Decals

Panther - WOT - Easy to Build Kit
Kit No #34104
1/72nd scale
Model Dim.: 12,7 cm
Box Dim.: 220 x 150 x 30 mm
Price: € 9.90
A new line in scale 1:72 easy to assemble complete with stand base, in-game Bonus code (PC version), Invitation code (PC version) and stickers for customizations

Decals are included for several WOT tanks
The bonus code is only valid for the European and American game server
Sprues of this easy to build kit
The Panther I was produced as a reaction to the tanks encountered by German forces during Operation Barbarossa. Having considered Soviet tank designs to be obsolete, German tank crews were stunned when they came up against concepts like sloped armour on the T-34.
The Panther took Soviet innovations and supersized them. Entering the battlefield from 1943 and weighing in at around 45 tonnes, this was a huge machine. It was technologically ambitious, seeking to ally armour with speed and firepower. It mounted one of the best guns of the war - the dependable 7,5 cm Kw.K 42 L/70.
The finished kit before paint & Decals

These new kits are now for sale from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide