Saturday, December 14

Masterbox's two new sets in 24th & 35th in battle, & in our preview...

Masterbox always seems to provide something of interest to the modelling public - small dynamic poses & genre-defying kits of recent are shaping this company's path. It is always with pleasure that we get to look at new images & plans in our preview to show you what is coming next...

Masterbox' two new kits of January-February 2020.

Master Box company continues to work on a new series of kits in both 1/35th and 1/24th scales- today they presented us with the box art and CAD work on their two latest kits, due for release in January /February 2020:

 “Danger Close”. Special Operations Team, Present Day"
Kit No #35207
1/35 scale.
Private Military contractors or "PMC's" are a common face of the wars against terrorism and conflicts which terrorism cannot be blamed in current times, so the appearance of these men and women on the battlefield and disputed areas is becoming more common in the public eye, in stories, documentaries and now on the desks of modellers in scenarios of modern conflict.
This new kit includes parts for assembling four figures of PMC fighters who found themselves in a difficult situation during the mission. The group of the figures represents a skilful sculptural composition from Mr A. Gagarin, which portrays these private soldiers in a time of heightened fighting while on a mission, under attack or scouting for enemies. The choice is up to you in this diorama
Vehicle not included of course, but here is a situation that could be used for this set.
A set for any battlefield or scene of conflict anywhere in the world, this set has unlimited possibilities whether using all, a pair or a single figure in your diorama.

"Modern War Series, kit No. 1. "Our route has been changed!"
Kit No #24068
1/24th scale
 Rather than use large units to sledgehammer the enemy with lots of casualties on both sides and all of the negatives in lives lost and political problems arising from the armies of the world are turning to special forces to surgically take out targets and enemy with minimal collateral damage. Soldiers at the top of the tree are put into special "black-Ops" organizations and teams and tasked with some of the most dangerous missions.
The kit contains parts for assembling two special operations figures with servicemen of an elite unit performing a similar mission in the Middle East. The two figures, both in 24th scale, suit a larger diorama with larger 24th & 25th scale cars and trucks.
 Masterbox has included a second sprue with the weapons and equipment of each of the soldiers that are supplied separately so these can be added or left off to the modeller's taste. This sprue is made by ICM, and it has been used in several of their model kits with 24th scale figures...
To give these figures personalities, Masterbox has named them Corporal Jessica Johnson and Sergeant James Haberson. 

These two new kits should be available from Masterbox's Distributors in January/ February 2020