Thursday, December 12

Preview: 1/10th scale bust of an MG42 Gunner, Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943 from Life Miniatures

Life Miniatures has a new 10th scale bust of an MG42 gunner in the winter battle of Kahrkov on the Eastern Front, WWII in 1943. This one complements the tripod carrying assistant gunner from the same battle and unit in their range. We will point out the uniform and equipment and see where the inspiration came from in our preview...

Preview: Anew gunner bust to match his assistant from Kharkov from Life Miniatures

MG42 Gunner, Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943
From Life Miniatures
Item Code: LM-B023
1/10th scale resin bust
Pieces: 26 parts
Unassembled and unpainted kit
Sculpted and painted by Sang Eon Lee
Price: $73 USD
We have already taken a look at the partner top this gunner - his assistant from the same "death's Head" unit "Totenkopf" from the same Battle of Kharkov in 1943. He is wearing much the same winter clothing, but as a tripod carrier for this man's MG42 he carries a rifle and ammo instead - here is our review of him on TMN
To get you in the mood I found some and the sculptor sent me the rest of these – the inspiration pictures that drove the sculpting of this piece – Germans in the soviet union all with winter “Kharkov Parkas”.
The shell of these parkas were made of heavy zeltbahn style cotton poplin in the typical field-grey shade and lined with genuine sheepskin. The sleeves were padded with woollen material and the hood lined with the sheepskin as well. These soldiers, whilst carrying loads of ammo, MG’s and their tripod stands – are all looking like pretty tough cookies while they are at it!
This figure from Life Miniatures
So we have seen the tripod carrying assistant gunner, this man carries his own weapon in a similar stance over his shoulder - the best way to bear the large heavy MG.
Seen smoking with a fag-end hanging out of his mouth in these images and the series below - he is painted here by the boss of Life Miniatures Sang Eon Lee. The combination of the steel helmet, the "Karkov" parka and the SS uniform underneath very much ties him in with his assistant, and it is a smart choice to add this figure to the line.

This figure is now available from the "Life Miniatures" Website directly, and soon to become available from their distributors worldwide...