Saturday, December 28

Preview: MiniArt's 1/35th scale WWI era British Military Lorry B-type

MiniArt continues to build on their WWI and Type-B series lines with this - a new truck from the first world war era that were converted from the B-type bus. See how they have built on their moulds to make a brand new vehicle in our preview...

A new ol' B-Type truck from Miniart

British Military Lorry B-type
From MiniArt
Kit No #39003
1/35th Scale 
Barcode: 4820183312860
Box Size: 386x240x60
During the Great War, part of the London buses were converted into trucks and sent to the front. There were not many of these vehicles made, and it was a somewhat revolutionary idea to have machines doing the work instead of men on such a large scale at the time.

The picture of this truck below is featured on the decals of this kit...
These "B-types serves with distinction carrying both materials and men and they were used by the British in replacements of rail and horse-drawn carriages in their logistics supply lines.

This LGOC B-type bus was converted into WW1 Army lorry. 4-cylinder, approx 5.3 litres, 30hp, 5-6 mpg. (no need for speed jokes here) This one is covered with wood (like the one in the kit) to provide some shelter for the driver - It would not really work as armour!

The option for this vehicle is provided in the kit.
Vehicle Statistics
Occupants: Driver, Co-driver (+12 if used as a troop transport)
Carry Capacity: 5 tons
Engine: 52hp, 4-cylinder L-head (gasoline); various producers
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Top Speed: 14mph
Production: Estimated 14,000 produced from January 1918 to winter of 1919

The new kit from MiniArt features:
Accurate Chassis, Running Gear and Engine
Clear Parts Included for the Cab's Glass & Lights - PhotoEtch provides scale thickness details
Photo-etched Parts Included
Decal Sheet For 4 W&D Variants
This new kit is now up to see on MiniArt's Distributors Worldwide.