Tuesday, February 18

Preview: We pick the best out of Hasegawa's February 2020 new & limited edition kits...

Hasegawa's February releases are already taking their final form, and amongst the many re-releases, we picked the more interesting releases (there are even some new ones in there) in our Hasegawa item preview today...

Hasegawa's February New & Limited Edition kits...

1:72nd scale
Item no … 02324
No. of parts … 97
length …321mm / width …437mm
Kit No #02324 is a rebox of an older kit with decals depicting the famous Flying Fortress named "Bit o' Lace".  "Bit o' Lace" was a B-17G-40-VE from the Vega plant that survived the whole war, and originally was titled "Louie the Creep", but was latter changed to this famous livery which is depicted on the box art in the kit.
U.S.A.A.F. 8AF 447BG 709BS K-D:A BIT O'LACE s/n 42-97976 Spring 1945

1/72nd scale
No. of parts … 141
length …267mm/ width …179mm
This model kit of the F-15J military fighter jet comes with with JASDF decals (JASDF Flight Development Experiment Team #928), and a resin female pilot figure too! Will be approximately 26.7cm long with a wingspan of 17.9cm when completed
J.A.S.D.F. A.D.T.W. Code: 928 (12-8928)

RF-4E PHANTOM II™ “501SQ final year 2020 (SEA CAMOUFLAGE)”
Kit No #07483
1:48th scale
Item no … 07483
No. of parts … 125
length …400mm/ width …246mm
From Hasegawa comes a 1/48th scale kit of the RF-4E Phantom II from the JASDF's 501st Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron! This aircraft will be retired in 2020, so this special kit will feature decals commemorating the RF-4E's final year in service. The kit includes 125 parts, and will measure about 265mm long when completed, with a wingspan of about 163mm. 

Decals: JASDF Reconnaissance Air Corps 501st Squadron RF-4E Retirement Commemorative Paint "905" (Hyakuri Base: 2019)

TINY MechatroMATE No.03 Replacement face set “Ivory & Blank” (2 kits in the box)
Item no … 64781
Estimated No. of parts … 34 x 2
length …41mm/ width …31mm
These interchangeable face plates for your Mechatromate robot kits from Hasegawa features four ivory-coloured and white-coloured pieces. One is blank so you can make your own custom facial expression. New face parts for two figures are included. These come in both Mecha White & White colours.

Suzuki RG400 Gamma Early Version
1:12th scale
Item no … BK9
No. of parts … 208
length …170mm/ width …70mm
This is an all-new tooled kit of the Suzuki RG400 Gamma Early Version in 12th scale. The Suzuki RG series has won the glory of being the 7th consecutive manufacturer champion in the WGP500cc class. The RGΓ (gamma)won the double championship race categories of the manufacturer / rider in 1981 and 1982. The kit reproduces the RG400Γ early model released in 1985 with a complete new mould by thorough actual vehicle coverage. 
Part colours are: 
White: cowl, tank, etc.
Medium grey: engine, frame, etc.
Clear: Screen and other headlights
The mirror will be chrome plated parts.

The kit provides a very detailed construction and engine
The bike provides alternate race or two-seater versions in the box.

Kugisho P1Y2 GINGA (FRANCES) TYPE 16 “762nd Flying Group”
Kit No #02323
Scale … 1:72
Item no … 02323
No. of parts … 83
length …208mm/ width …278mm
The Yokosuka P1Y Ginga (銀河, "Galaxy") was a twin-engine, land-based bomber developed for the Japanese Imperial Navy in World War II. It was the successor to the Mitsubishi G4M and given the Allied reporting name "Frances". This is a re-box of an earlier kit with new markings from Hasegawa.

I.J.N. 762nd N.F.G. 262nd Attack SQ. Code: 762-K96 March 1945

RF-4EJ PHANTOM II™ “501SQ final year 2020”
1:72nd scale
Item no … 02322No. of parts … 119
length …265mm/ width …163mm
This is a beautifully crafted 1/72 scale RF-4EJ Phantom II 501SQ Final Year 2020 kit by Hasegawa. The RF-4EJ Phantom II is a two-seat, twin-engine supersonic jet with long-range capabilities. This kit comes with plastic parts to build one model and beautifully detailed decals. Apply paint (not included) to make this kit become the envy of all other kits.

J.A.S.D.F. Air Reconnaissance Group 501st SQ Code: 433 (07-6433) Hyakuri A.B. 2019-2020

All of these kits should be available at your local hobby shop this month. To see more on these kits or distributors closer to you take a look at the Hasegawa Website