Friday, February 28

Revell's March new kits made up in our preview...

Revell has a bunch of new items available through its website for March - each one a little more different from the other - Bettles for beginners, cranes for crazies & ships for - well those ship building dudes! These an many more in boxart, parts & completed kits in our preview...

New Novelties from Revell in March...

DGzRS Berlin + Sea King "Good-Bye Set"
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 05683
Number of parts:311
For decades, the sea rescue cruisers of the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger (DGzRS) and the Sea King helicopters of the German Navy have been part of the Search and Rescue (SAR) service in all weather conditions on the North and Baltic Seas. Since its foundation more than 150 years ago, the work of the DGzRS has been financed exclusively by donations.
Featured in this kit are:
2 plastic model kits (not assembled) 
"Berlin" State of construction 1985 (putting into service)
Smaller docking boat in the stern tub
Sea King: Decal "45 years SAR service", 2003 with movable main and tail rotor
building instructions, decals, paint (Revell Aqua Color), brushes, glue (Revell Contacta Professional Mini), Yarn & poster

Bucket Wheel Excavator Schaufelradbagger 289 Gift Set Plastic Model Kit
Scale: 1:200nd
Product number: 05685
Number of parts:687
Length:1011 mm/ Width:234 mm / Height:433 mm
The largest machines in the world are used to extract lignite. For example, the 13,000 tonne, 200-metre long excavator 289 extracts 300,000 m³ (!) of overburden or coal daily. 100 electric motors, total power 17,000 kW (22,670 PS), allow "289" to be moved at a speed of 600 m per hour.
Kit Features
Detailed guide pulpit on excavator and loader
Movable bucket wheel and bogie
Structured grid constructions
Movable excavator arms
Conveyor belts, tension and control cables
Authentic decal

Citroën 2 CV Cocorico
Scale: 1:24
Product number: 07653
Number of parts:122
Length:160 mm/ Width:64 mm
Model kit of the Citroën 2CV, which was available in 1986 on the occasion of the French qualification for the soccer world championship in this special Cocorico decoration in strict limitation.
The car can be built with open or closed roof
Chromed hubcaps and exterior mirrors
Authentic decal

Eurofighter Typhoon "BARON SPIRIT"
Scale: 1:48th
Product number: 03848
Number of parts:228
Length:330 mm/ Wingspan:231 mm
The Tactical Air Force Wing 71 celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019 with a special presentation of one of its Eurofighters. With its red elements, the design of the aircraft christened BARON SPIRIT quotes the namesake of the traditional squadron - the fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron.
Large, colourful decal included
Detailed cockpit
External loads
Award for the best design at the RIAT Show in Fairford, GB

BAe Hawk T.1
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 04970
Number of parts:90
Length:161 mm / Wingspan:130 mm
The agile and reliable BAe Hawk T.1 has been providing the Royal Air Force with an effective advanced jet pilot training platform for over 40 years, replacing the Folland Gnat in this role. With over 1000 aircraft produced, the Hawk has also proved to be one of Britain’s most lucrative post-war aviation export successes.
This kit comes in 72nd scale and including a detailed cockpit, fuselage, 2 rocket containers, 2 additional tanks and decals for the RAF version.

Junkers Ju 88 A-1 Battle of Britain
Scale: 1:72
Product number: 04972
Number of parts:125
Length:201 mm/ Wingspan:280 mm
The Ju88 was the most versatile German bomber during World War II. With the Ju 88A-1, the series production was started in 1939. From the beginning of August 1940 on, attacks on the British mainland followed. On August 15th, English tactics changed and the Luftwaffe's successes diminished until the tide finally turned on September 15th.
Detailed cockpit
Detailed pilot seat
Pronounced instrument panel
Separate ailerons and flaps
Rotating propellers
Detailed chassis
Detailed MG
Decal markings for 2 versions of the Luftwaffe

Albatross DIII
Scale: 1:48
Product number: 04973
Number of parts:54
Length:188 mm/ Wingspan:152 mm
A model replica of the Albatros D.III. The Albatros fighters were among the most famous and successful fighters of the 1st World War. The first examples of the type D.III were deployed on the western front in early 1917.
Detailed cockpit with seat
Control lever and instrument panel
Detailed engine
2 machine guns
Decals for 2 versions

B-25C/D Mitchell
Scale: 1:48th
Product number: 04977
Number of parts:230
Length:336 mm/ Width:429 mm
The B-25 "Mitchell" was a twin-engined, medium-weight bomber of the US Army Air Force in the Second World War. The D version built in Kansas City was distinguished by Wright R-2600-13 engines and a navigator's cockpit. In addition, the nose armament was reinforced by a movable and a rigid 12.7 mm machine gun.
- Highly detailed kit
- Detailed interior
- Detailed engines
- Bomb loading

VW New Beetle
Scale: 1:24
Product number: 07643
Number of parts:35
Width:80 mm/ Wingspan:170 mm
Simple model kit for the VW New Beetle built from 1997 onwards, which with its round shape is reminiscent of the design of the legendary VW Beetle. This is an easy to put together click to join kit.
Coloured body
Metal axles and screws
plug-in kit, no gluing necessary
Rotating wheels
Sticker and decals included
All of these new products are available now from the Revell Website...