Thursday, March 19

Eduard's 32nd scale Taifun on its way in May...

Eduard has taken over the production of the otherwise ceased release of Striped Tiger's 1/32nd scale Bf 108 Taifun. They have added to it with their own goodies, and today we have enough information on the package to give you a preview...

Eduard's 32nd scale Taifun on its way in May...
Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun B/D
Kit No: #3006
1/32nd scale
Full plastic injection moulded kit with Masks
Pre Painted Photo Etch
Brassin Propeller Included 
Five marking options in the box
Release date: May 2020
Eduard is releasing the first in a new series of ProfiPACK editions of the previously Striped Fighter companies original release kit of German WWII liaison aircraft Bf 108 Taifun C/D marques in 1/32nd scale. 

Featured on the boxart is the famous Bf 108B2Trop Sktz KG+EM Sonderkommando Blaich raid aircraft seen here on 22nd January 1942 01
This 1/32nd scale Bf 108B Taifun kit was originally developed by a Czech company called Striped Fighter from the "Foke" company's original moulds, but the development was interrupted, and Eduard bought the moulds as well as the box art. The kit, now from Eduard, is to be released in the ProfiPack line, with the standard Eduard equipment, which means photo-etch sheet, mask sheet, and the decal sheet printed by Eduard, with five marking options in the one box. 

The profiles of the markings in the box (still preliminary)
There is also a resin propeller included, this addition represents the wooden propeller of the earlier Bf 108. It was added because most marking options need this wooden type of propeller, which is not included in the plastic parts. 
The plastic sprues for the kit are on Eduard's leaflet also. We must note that we have seen some low-resolution photos of the coloured photo etch for the cockpit and it is mightily impressive with woodgrain on the floors etc. It looks like we will all benefit from Eduard taking this kit on - it should be available in May 2020
The new kit is not on the Eduard Website as of yet - but check out the Eduard website for more info