Sunday, March 8

Italeri's five releases for March in our preview...

We are already seeing some new and some re-boxings of kits from Italeri in March releases from Italy. See what's new, and those you thought you may have seen before in different colour choices in our preview...

Italeri's March items on sale now...

Vosper MTB 74 with crew

Kit No #5624
1/35th scale
Model Dim .: 65.5 cm
Box Dim .: 723 x 345 x 150 mm
Price: € 119
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On March 28, 1942, a joint operation was undertaken by the Navy and the British Commandos to render the large dry dock of the French port of Saint Nazaire, occupied by German forces, unusable. The operation was given the code name of "Chariot". The port was, in fact, an important support point for Kriegsmarine's operations in the Atlantic. The operation was carried out by some torpedo fighters and a flotilla of motor lances destined for the transport of commandos. 
The operation was successful and the dry dock was damaged and rendered unusable until the end of the war. A decisive role was assigned to fast light assault vehicles. MTB 74, which participated in the action, it was specially modified by the Royal Navy shipyards by moving the two torpedo launchers to the front position and was equipped with silencers at the exhausts to act unnoticed. 

This kit contains the seven figures from Italeri's MTB crew set
His task was, in fact, to hit the anti-submarine nets and then launch the torpedoes to block the lock. The torpedo torch hit the target but on the way back it was hit and sank.

The Package Contains: 7 Figures, Photo-engraved fret, Acetate, and Rope

Markings for one MTB from the Nazaire raid is included in this boxing
The completed kit

Porche 935 Baby
Kit No #3639
1: 24th scale
Model Dim .: 19,6 cm
Box Dim .: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Price: € 32
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To participate in the car competitions of the FIA ​​Group 5 category, Porsche created a version derived from the famous Porsche 911 turbo road car and equipped with a dedicated engine and chassis solutions. Different versions were developed for sports competitions. Particularly famous was the Porsche 935J "Baby" built to compete in the German national championship (Deutsche Rennwagen Meisterschaft) in the two-litre category. 
The "Baby" adopted a lightened chassis that allowed the car to have a total weight of only 735 kg to be in line with the regulations of the regulation. Adopted a 1,425 cc air-cooled engine capable of delivering a power of 261 kW The car achieved an important victory on the Hockenheim circuit, in 1977.

Sprues of the kit

F-86E Sabre
Kit No # 2799
1/48th scale
Model dim .: 23,8 cm
Box dim: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Price: € 30.00
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The F-86 Saber single-engine jet fighter was developed by the US Air Force company North American in the late 1940s and became a symbol of post-war military aviation. The fighter was characterized by the adoption of the typical arrow wing, the large front air intake and the use of the General-Electric J47 jet engine. 

Super Decal For 4 Versions - Color Instruction Sheet
His flying skills in terms of speed and performance were optimal for the time and very different from those of fighters with the traditional piston engine. It was armed with 6 Browning M3 12.7 mm machine guns installed in the muzzle. It was widely used by the USAF and actively participated in the Korean War where it directly confronted the Soviet fighter Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15 giving life to the first dogfights among jet planes in the history of the air force.

Carrier Deck Section
Kit No #1326
1: 72nd scale
Dim. Model: 40.5 x 23.5 cm
Dim. Box: 345 x 240 x 45 mm
Price: € 25
Product Link on the Italeri Website
The kit allows you to make a section of the flight deck of a modern aircraft carrier. Particular attention to the details of the catapult, its coupling system and the Jet Blaster Deflector used to prevent possible damage generated by the unloading of the planes at the time of take-off. 
The Jet Blaster Deflector is raised and lowered by means of hydraulic jacks faithfully reproduced in the kit. The flight deck section is the ideal scenario for making interesting dioramas using scale models of boarded planes.

T-34/76 Model 1943
Kit No #7078
1: 72nd scale
Model Dim .: 9.0 cm
Box Dim .: 258 x 162 x 38 mm
Price: € 12
Product Link on the Italeri Website

The T-34 tank is certainly one of the most famous armoured vehicles of the Second World War and represented the backbone of the Soviet Armed Forces during the conflict. The main innovations introduced by T-34 were the angled front armour capable of guaranteeing greater protection against the blows received and the adoption of wide tracks ideal for obtaining good mobility on any type of terrain. 

This kit comes with six marking choices for several T-37/76's 
The first T-34s, armed with a 76 mm short-barreled cannon, immediately acquired an operational advantage against the most popular German tanks of the time such as the Panzer III and Panzer IV. Thanks to its 12-cylinder and 500 HP diesel engine it was able to reach a maximum speed of 55 km / h. It is considered by many historians, for operational efficiency, to be the best tank of the Second World War.
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