Monday, March 30

Preview: A colourful new British Lorry 3t LGOC B-TYPE from Miniart

To add to MiniArt's excellent range of civilian cars and truck derived from their military kits we now see a new 3t LGOC B-TYPE truck from the WWI era in colourful "civvie street markings". See how they have done to make a civvie vehicle in our preview...

A new British Lorry 3t LGOC B-TYPE from Miniart

British Military Lorry B-type
From MiniArt
Kit No #38027
1/35th Scale
Box Size: 386x240x60
During the Great War, part of the London buses were converted into trucks and sent to the front lines. There were not many of these vehicles made, and it was a somewhat revolutionary idea to have machines doing the work instead of men on such a large scale at the time.
These "B-types" served with distinction carrying both materials and men and they were used by the British in replacements of rail and horse-drawn carriages in their logistics supply lines. These trucks were also used in civilian duties, serving businesses and individuals alike, 
The truck had a 4-cylinder engine of approximately 5.3 litres making 30hp and drinking a hefty 5-6 mpg. (no need for speed jokes here) 

Vehicle Statistics
Occupants: Driver, Co-driver (+12 if used as a troop transport)
Carry Capacity: 5 tons
Engine: 52hp, 4-cylinder L-head (gasoline); various producers
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Top Speed: 14mph
Production: Estimated 14,000 produced from January 1918 to winter of 1919

The new kit from MiniArt features:

Sprues from the kit
Clear parts for the lights and the windscreen and windows are included
Accurate Chassis, Running Gear and Engine
Details of the truck body

Photo-etched Parts Included with new civilian decals for this version
Decal Sheet For three Variants -  all used in civilian life after WWII
This new kit is now up to see on MiniArt's Distributors Worldwide.