Sunday, March 1

Preview: A new set from Stalingrad - "The Final Instruction, Kharkov 1943" in 1/35th

Stalingrad have a new set of three figures in grey resin - these guys are soldiers of the eastern front - Kharkov in 19843 during that ferocious battle. A German officer giving out orders to his AFV crews is the theme - see how the figures look with inspiration pictures to compare them within our preview...

A new set - "The Final Instruction, Kharkov 1943"3 figures from Stalingrad!

 "The Final Instruction, Kharkov 1943"
# 3178
1/35th scale
Three light grey resin figures in one set
Sculpted & boxart by Alexander Zelenkov
Product Link on the Stalingrad Miniatures Website
Stalingrad Miniatures have been busy this year - already with this - the third release and it has only just gone March! This set features three figures - cat in resin from US-made resin but by  Alexander Zelenkov in Russia. The scene portrays an officer a radioman and a tanker on top of a StuG III. The officer is pointing at the map the radioman has in his hand to give the position of the action...
The sculptor Alexander sent us some pictures that inspired roughly and directly the sculpt you see on this page:

A 1st SS-man who was wounded and evacuated is seen here being brought down from the StuG III by his comrades on 8 march 1943 in the Kharkov area
Another picture from the same vehicle that was used in the making of this sculpt. The same tank with the soldiers carefully unloading the soldier.

Here is a picture of SS Standardfuhrer Witt giving the final instructions for the next operation on top of a StuG II from the 1st SS tank of Heinz Von Westernhagen
This picture of the same officer and the other tank commander from the StuG next to him in a very similar position are shaped and interact with the figures in this sculpt nicely.
Another picture that conveys a similar but not the same scene shows 6th SS Pz Rgmt. of the Ist SS commander and "Panzer Meyer" discuss tactics...
The three figures from the set put together and unpainted. All from light grey resin, you can see some of the excellent details the sculptor puts into the clothing, the faces and the accessories these figures each exhibit - alongside the naturalistic body language that the sculptor obviously studied in making them.
A close up of the three painted figures from the reverse angle to what we saw earlier - the three are shown in this photo interacting naturally to each other - the Officer writing on the map with a pencil, the radioman holding the map out and listening while the Panzer crewman/ Occicer is leaning over the front of his vehicle and listening in to the instructions.
These figures are sold as a single set only - they are available right now - check these out and all of Alexander's other works at the  Stalingrad Website: