Wednesday, April 1

Preview: Alpine Miniature's new 16th scale Fallschirmjäger bust

A new bust in 1/16th scale has just been released by Alpine Miniatures. This one will please the Fallschirmjäger fans as it shows a German para with two alternate head choices and a lot of detail. See a little more about it in our preview...

Alpine Miniatures 16th scale new bust for April, 2020.

B004 6. Fallschirmjäger Regiment 
1/16th scale
Cast in light grey resin
The pictures show the bust with 2 different heads.
Sculpture by Mike Good / Bust Conversion by Taesung Harmms
Boxart by Calvin Tan
The latest bust in the 1/16th scale line from Alpine Miniatures is focussed on this, a German paratrooper or Fallschirmjäger from WWII era.  He has the choice of two heads, both with the same face and expression, but alternate headgear of the steel Fallschirmjäger helmet, either covered with simple camouflage netting or a fitted camouflage cloth cover with loops to add your own camouflage to the reversible colours already on the helmet.

A preserved (this one at auction) German Paratrooper splinter camouflage clip-on helmet cover is shown below

The soldier carries a Kar.98 rifle, standard issue to German soldiers and paratroopers. The rifle is not a full gun, but it is cut at an angle just like the lower torso of the figure. This sculpt was adapted from the talented Mike Good's original full figure into a smaller package and added details to it to change the figure. The new size of a bust also gives a whole different focus on to the head and face of the figure. 
YOu can see that the soldier is wearing the (3rd pattern?) Splinter Camouflage Jump Smock featuring a full-length front closure as opposed to the earlier pattern "step-in" coverall styles. The third pattern smocks were originally produced in the early mottled green fabric until late 1940 when the splinter pattern camouflage fabric was utilized. From mid-1942 the smocks were constructed in both the splinter and tan/water camouflage patterns. 
You will notice on the soldier's chest he carries not only the Kar .98 ammunition in pouches but the flare/Kampfpistole Z ammo bandolier for pistols that shot flares or small grenades. It was made by Fallschirmjäger tailors at the company level and was not a standard issued item to all troops. These grenades were fired from their rifles (hence the Kar.98)  and some were modified by the paratroopers in the field, for carrying a whole bunch of grenades for their rifle launchers.
A preserved flare/Kampfpistole Z ammo bandolier
Two pictures with German Fallschirmjägers in the field sporting these bandoliers
A short video made by the box artist, Mr Calvin tan, showing this bust in a walk around...
You can order this figure as well as any other of Alpine's figures directly from their website if you live in the US, or through their distributors worldwide.