Monday, April 27

Preview - Miniart's new T-34/85 w/D-5T. Plant 112 Spring 1944 Interior Kit

We see more innovation and attention to detail with Miniart's new T-34/85 w/D-5T. Plant 112 Spring 1944 Interior Kit that is slated to come within the next few months. We have details of the new kit in CAD, and the details that make this the D-5T version in our preview...

Preview - Miniart's new T-34/85 w/D-5T. Plant 112 Spring 1944 Interior Kit

T-34/85 w/D-5T. Plant 112 Spring 1944 
Full Interior Kit
From: Miniart
Kit No # 35290
1/35th scale
Now if you are anything like me and a bit "Grey" on the T-34 and even fuzzier on the variants of the T-34 w have compiled a few pictures and some facts on this particular variant of the tank for you before we look at the forthcoming kit...

T-34/85 w/D-5T. Plant 112 Spring 1944
This tank was developed based on the T-34 at factory No. 183's design bureau by installing a new three-man cast turret with the 85 mm D-5T cannon. This weapon, with a length of 51.6 calibres, was created based on an artillery cannon with improved ballistics. The cannon's armour-piercing rounds reached a muzzle velocity of 795 m/s and according to standard firing data, it was able to penetrate the Tiger's frontal armour at a range of 500-800 metres.
The hexagonal-shaped turret had an expanded traverse circle and slightly sloping sides, and its dimensions significantly exceeded those of the mass-produced T-34 turret equipped with a 76.2 mm cannon. The vehicle's commander also fulfilled the role of spotter as before, since the massive size of the weapon's breech prevented a third man from fitting into the turret. The turret's roof featured a cast command cupola with a two-leaved hatch and observation instrument, a ventilation hatch with an armoured hood, the PTK-5 surveillance device and a round loader's hatch.
Its air filtering system was improved by installing the new Multicyclone air filter. Thanks to this, some motors worked for up to several hundred hours without repair, which was an almost unobtainable figure for T-34 Mod. 1941-1943 tanks.
Production of the tank began in January 1944. In total, 255 of them were made. Of them, 5 were command tank variants and were equipped with the RSB-F radio set, while the others were equipped with the 9RS radio set.
The vehicles began to join battle units (primarily Guards Tank Brigades) in 1944 and were used alongside the old T-34s. Tanks of this model actively participated in the liberation of Right-bank Ukraine in the spring of 1944, and in battles in Finland and Norway in battle units on the Karelian front.

This new kit from MiniArt
We have long been waiting for MiniArt to give us their version of the T-34/85 tank. Now this version of the Factory 112 tank with its distinctive features is with us we have some CAD design elements and walk around to show you:

Kit Features
Workable, separate track links
V-2 engine included
Full interior of transmission and engine compartments
Fully detailed interior of the turret and fighting compartments
Fully detailed driver compartment
Photo-etched parts included
A walk around the tank in CAD form
Decal sheet for 3 options are included in this kit
This kit looks like a natural progression from - and to all of the T-34's in MiniArts soon to be released family - a popular version that is very well detailed - lets hope we see more like this one coming soon...

For more on this kit and all of MiniArt's releases check out their Website for more info...