Thursday, April 9

Two new big birds from Hobbyboss that will be rare quite quickly in our preview...

Hobbyboss has answered a few modeller's prayers this month. Two long-awaited (yes neigh-sayers) large scale kits are finally hitting the shops. The 18th scale Me 262 and A-26B in 32nd scale could well be the marque models for many a plastic butcher's showcases. We have sprues, boxart and colour choices today in our preview...

Hobbyboss' new releases for April...

Me 262 A-1a Fighter
Model: #81805
1/18th scale
As the world ’s first practical jet fighter, Messerschmitt ’s Me 262 was one of the most advanced aircraft of its time. The development of Me 262 began in early 1938. The first prototype was first tested in April 1941, (propelled by a piston engine), and the first model propelled by a jet engine flew for the first time in July 1942.

Colours for the aircraft included in this boxing
The full production of Me262 began in November 1943, but it was unable to enter the military service quickly for two reasons, one was a political factor, and the other was a technical factor. The political factor was that the aircraft was ordered to be converted into a fast bomber instead of being used as a fighter. It was not until the late 1944 and early 1945 that the Me 262 was officially allowed to be used as a fighter; the technical issues were reliability and jet engines Life. Its engine life is only about 10 flight hours, and it has never been reached. The main production models of Me262 are Me262A-1A "Swift" air defence fighter and Me 262A-2A "Storm Bird" bomber. In addition, some variants with other weapons were also produced.

The sprues included in this kit
Despite some problems, Me262 still produced more than 1,400 and entered the army in large numbers. Although it is not as easy to fly as other piston fighters, its performance is still better than other fighters of its generation. There are still some aircraft kept in museums around the world.

Metal screws included 
Model Length: 590mm Wingspan: 680mm   
- The kit consists of over 230 parts
- rubber tires included

A-26B "Intruder" bomber 
Model: #83213
1/32nd scale
The Douglas A-26 "Invader" (renamed B-26 between 1948-1965 ) is an American-made multi-functional twin-engine light bomber/attack aircraft. Built by Douglas in response to a bid by the US Army Air Force. It served during the latter half of World War II and into the early part of the Cold War. By 1969, only a limited number of highly modified aircraft (renamed A-26) were still in service.

Marking choices of this kit
The A-26B participated in the Pacific War, the First Indochina War, the Bay of Pigs invasion and also participated in the Korean War with six squadrons involved. The last A-26 attack/bomber served in the US Air Force National Guard, which was retired by the US Air Force and the US National Guard in 1972 and the was donated to the US Air and Space Museum.

The sprues of the kit
Model Length: 485mm / Wingspan: 667mm   
Total number of parts: 270+
Total of 13 sprues
- Photo Etched Parts Included 
 -Detailed fuselage & wing w/accurate design
- A finely detailed cockpit, gear cabin,
- Grooved rubber tires
These two new kits are available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...