Thursday, May 14

New 35th scale T-34E First "Type Spaced Armour" / T-34-76 112 factory kit on the way from Border Model

Border Model have two new kits to show you - well, two in one really - with their new tooled "2 in 1" kit of the T-34E First Type Spaced Armour / T-34-76 #112 factory kit. We have some history of the two types to tell you which is which, some CAD images and a little video from Border model in our preview for you...

New 35th scale two in one kit:

T-34E First Type Spaced Armour / T-34-76 #112 factory kit on the way from Border Model 
"2 in 1 kit"
From Border Model
1/35th scale 
Kit No #BT-009
Plastic injection moulded kit with Photo-etch additions
Product Link on the Border Model Website
Border Model is pushing forward with a smart release program, this time with a new "Two in one" boxing of a couple of tanks from WWII Soviet Russia - the mighty T34 in two variant - the T-34E First Type Spaced Armour and the T-34-76 #112 factory versions. Although they are both based on the T-34/76 there is a fair difference between them. We will show you a little about both of them before we look at the kit's features we know of so far.

First a brief history of both types now...

T-34E "First Type Spaced Armour"  E for с экранами, "s ekranami" or "with screens"

By the beginning of 1943, the modernization of the T-34/76 was overdue. One of the attempts was the creation of a shielded tank. The Krasnoye Sormovo plant produced 68 T-34 tanks, the hull and tower of which were equipped with bulwarks. 

The T-34E was fitted with additional side armour (no additional frontal armour on this variant)
It was assumed that they would protect the tanks from German cumulative shells. However, it was not possible to verify this - in the first battle, almost all combat vehicles shielded in this way were hit by conventional armour-piercing shells of the enemy’s 75 mm anti-tank guns. After that, the screen venture was abandoned.

Summer of 1943. A variant of screening of Plant No. 112 "Red Sormovo" (Gorky).
The additional armour to the turret was a 16mm armour plate, which was bolted to the side of the turret at an angle of 5 degrees and at an angle of 35 degrees from the vertical, and at a distance of 70-150mm from the turret.
The CAD drawing of the Shielded tank from Border Model

T-34-76 #112 factory "Krasnoe Sormovo"
By the end of WWII, more than 57,000 T-34 tanks had been built by the Soviet Union, of which 34,870 were the original version mounting a 76mm gun. Initially, the leading T-34 producer was factory No. 183 in Kharkov. This production facility was then followed by Factory No. 112, also known as Krasnoye Sormovo, situated in the city of Gorky. Named after Andrei Zhdanov, the factory was originally a Rail locomotive building facility. 
The T-34/76 tanks produced at this factory had a number of distinguishing features such as notched glacis-hull side joints and a round access hatch on the rear plate.  They modified the design of the Model 1941 tank to make it easier to produce, “notching” the front of the hull and glacis plate to fit together and adding handrails for infantry to clamber and ride with the tanks. 
161 were built in the factory in 1941 and by the time that “Krasnoye Sormovo” changed over to the product-improved Model 1942 in 1943 – they had built more than 3,000 of this type.
CAD drwawing for the Border Model kit

This kit from Border Model includes features for both kits such as:
Full turret interior
Metal gun barrel
Photo Etch parts included
Workable track links & Suspension
Border Model have made a short video about this kit we though you might like to see also...
That is all the info we have on this two-in-one kit so far - more to you all as it surfaces - until then try reading the info from the link to the Border Model Website