Wednesday, May 6

Preview: The Bodi's two new sculpts for may from both Allied & Axis perspective...

The Bodi have provided us with information on their two latest figures for May. Both from WWII, we have the Allied and Axis sides represented in two interesting sculpts. We look at them in our preview...

The Bodi Model's products

German Waffen SS/Heer Tank/SPG crewman #2 WW II
Fig No #TB-35156
1/35 scale 
Painted by Jaume Ortiz 
price: 16€
The first of the two figures on offer from The Bodi this month is that of a Panzerman of the armed brigade in World War Two. You can tell that from the black panzer wrap and the pink waffenfarbe piping around the jacket's collar patches and shoulder boards. His hat/ headgear comes in the choice of either the officer's visor or the M43  field cap - both great choices for tanks of the mid to late war period.
The figure includes photo-etched badges and medals that you can alter in optional selections of medals, unit badges and ranks. A great solution for modellers that is scale and detail correct.
The figure is having a bit of a break from the action and a smoke - hope it's not bad for his health!

Desert Rat - British Soldier WW II
Fig No #TB-35160 
1/35 scale 
Sculpted by Hélder Agostinho 
Painted by Olivér Kovács
price: 14€
Sculpted by Hélder Agostinho and painted very nicely in this instance by Olivér Kovács, this figure in 35th scale is very impressive to us. He comes unpainted and in pats in grey resin, and here he is shown with a jeep in the background, but this is not of course included in the figure kit.
This "Tommy" from WWII is a soldier from the famous "Desert Rats" which were named after the defenders of Tobruk in the western desert. Shown in shots and field battledress hs is very much the archetypical WWII British soldier.
Holding his hand out to show the German helmet that he is acquired, I really like the body language and the feel of this soldier who can be made into something quite special as in evidence in this finished example.
These two new figures are all available now from The Bodi Website...