Thursday, May 28

Wave's new release of the "Kuster" as a single kit will cost & save you money at the same time...

For far too long those who want one of the larger scale "Kröte" or ""Jerry" series of Maschinen Krieger has had to opt for the Hasegawa released "Camel" as they seem to be the only ones around. Wave's new version of the Kuster will mean you can now get one of these at a decent price - we have some information in our preview...

A new version of the Kuster from Wave in August...

"Kuster" Panzer Auflarungs T.W47/N2
From Wave  
Product code: MK-038
1/20th scale
Injection plastic model kit
Expected in shops August 2020
The  Maschinen Krieger series of kits is a real niche for modellers, but as more people travel and see some other styles and types of modelling these have seen the light outside Japan and you could say they are thoroughly now in "the Mainstream" of modeller's tastes.
The original "Kuster" & "Friedrich" kits were released in commemoration of the exhibition "Shuji Terayama x Hiroshi Yokoyama: Two Hakoto" held at the Aomori Museum of Art in Japan in 2013. Since then, these models have been snapped up and now only available at exorbitant prices. That looks to change slightly with Wave's newest version of the kit - due in august.
Wave has already released the "Freidrich" and the "Kuster" together in a box set - this new kit is just the Kuster in the box by itself - at a much cheaper pricepoint then buying them both together.
This kit is the  "NITTO" made "Kröte"  kit with a runner for "Kuster" manufactured by Wave to make it into their version. Moulded in plastic and with a new decal (not the pictured version but a new design).
Some modelling shops in Japan are already listing theirs - I have already seen links in several shops and ours will be coming from the Tokyo Model Detective.  He has already started taking pre-orders for the kit. When it arrives we surely will be building it for you all!
Till August!