Monday, June 29

Preview: MiniArts new Tankers painting up a storm in a new set...

MiniArt continues to give us figures and materiel to populate our dioramas. Today, news of a German tank crew painting their vehicle that could well add to a half-painted tank you have sitting on your shelf? See what is in the kit in our preview...

Preview: German Tankmen Painting Camo 
From MiniArt
Kit No #35327
1/35th scale
Box size: 260x162x35 mm
Product Link on the MiniArt Website
MiniArt's latest kit of figures "in action" gives us something else to populate our dioramas - two tankmen painting their vehicles - complete with compressors, painting equipment and ladders. These could add to the story of a half-painted tank in your stash!

This set looks a little like this photograph of a German soldier spray painting a Jagdpanther tank destroyer for camouflage, France, Jun 1944
These chaps painting a Tiger II would fit the bill nicely also...
"if I only had a pair of ladders and buckets..." 
The brush painting tanker could be one of these guys working on an Sdkfz 251 that is getting its winter coat washed off
Inside the kit, there are two figures, both with a ladder, buckets and spray guns. The sprues shots are included of course for us to look at...

The two figures on a small sprue each.
The two different ladders - nice to see they are just not the same sprue
The compressor with a large air tank and a pair of spray guns for the figures..
...And of course BUCKETS! just in case you think you might need to use the one that is not hanging off the tank.
For more on this kit and all of MiniArt's releases check out their Website for more info...