Thursday, July 2

Masterbox's two new kits of July/ August in CAD, art, sprues & colours in our preview...

Masterbx supplies us with two new kits for July/ August - A set of three native Americans to suit your frontier wars series of kits and a section of trench to suit both WWI or WWII era dioramas. Both of these are in our preview in CAD, boxart and sprue and colour call-outs to give a little more of an idea of what they are made of...

Masterbox' two new kits of July/ August 2020.

“Wounded brother”. 
Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 2 
Kit No# 35210 
1/35th scale.
This kit is a continuation of the series of kits devoted to the events that occurred on the territory of the Northern United States in the 18th century and known in the history as the French and Indian Wars. The kit represents a group of Indians, ambushed and carrying out a wounded brother under enemy fire.

The kit contains the sprue with parts for the assembly of 3 figures of the Iroquois.

The figures are sculpted in a way that makes them very animated and allows for the creating of a diorama, like shown on the boxy art, or your own story it is up to you. In addition, this kit suits greatly for creating a more detailed diorama by using 35209 kit "Protective Circle". Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 1" that was released earlier.

“The Trench, WWI & WWII Era”  
Kit No# 35174 
1/35th scale.

The latest kit in what could be seen as a diorama accessory is Masterbox's new "Trench WWI & WWII era". This plastic injection moulded kit could well support Masterbox's earlier kits of both Axis and allied soldiers of those periods, they have a few that could suit this kit.

The kit is that the trench can be assembled in two configurations: in the form of the trench itself (with two sides facing each other) or in the form of a continuous line double the length but only one-sided.

These two new kits should be available from Masterbox's Distributors this month (all going well)