Monday, July 27

Preview: Back to work with MiniArt's new 35th scale Werkstattkraftwagen Typ-03-30

What better way to get back to work while you are in lockdown? Miniart's new 35th scale "Werkstattkraftwagen" or workshop motor vehicle is loaded full of gear to get working on. We see sprue layout, colours and the real thing in our preview...

Preview: Werkstattkraftwagen Typ-03-30
From MiniArt
Kit No #35359 
1/35th scale
Box size: 345x240x70
The many different types of the "Werkstattkraftwagen" or workshop motor vehicle that supported the men and machines of the German forces during World War II are not often modelled in mainstream plastic injection kits, and so we were very happy to see MiniArt's version on the way.

Often made up from regular trucks or heavy vehicles, many types were used by the Germans, including the Type-03-30, which was based on the captured Russian GAZ truck/ omnibus chassis. 
The GAZ 03-30 was manufactured in Russia from 1933 to 1941 and from 1945 to 1948 after the war. It was based on the GAZ AA and had 16 seats in the bus version, but some were converted as this one is full of machinist tools and equipment to fix other vehicles and machines.

Miniart's kit includes the sprues from the GAZ and the rear wooden crew working compartment.

I need a chair to work on always...

In case are you need some bags of spuds...

A compressor and tank is included

Oxy-acetylene tanks are included for welding and citing work

a ladder is included

Lathe equipment...
Of course, buckets are included :-)
Jerry cans and triangle-shaped tanks are included

44-gallon barrels with german writing are included
Clear parts for transparencies are included
Box contains a model of the bus with repairing equipment, tools & a figure
Photo-etched parts and decal sheet are included
Here are some pictures of the Type 03 30 with all of the extra work gear included in the kit - it's quite a spread!
 The photoetch for the roof rack section and the handles of the bus provide scale thickness for those parts
 There is hardly enough room to fit it all in once the doors close up...
The detail inside looks excellent - in typical Miniart fashion 

There is one version for the German army included in this boxing.
For more on this kit and all of MiniArt's releases check out their Website for more info...