Wednesday, July 8

Preview: Test build shots of Meng‘s 32nd scale Fokker Dr.I.

We have new pictures to add to the rolling preview of the forthcoming kit of Meng's new 32nd Fokker Triplane. Photos of delicate plastic built up add a lot more to what we already know about this imminent long-awaited model.

Preview: Test build shots of Meng‘s 32nd scale Fokker Dr.I.

Preview: MENG‘s Fokker Dr.I Special Limited Edition
From Meng Models
Product No: #QS-002s
1/32nd scale kit + 1/10th scale bust
To add to our preview of Meng's latest announced kit, the Fokker Dr.1 in 32nd scale, Meng has sent details of a special edition of the kit that includes a 1/10th scale bust of the man himself included in the boxing. 

Today we have extra photos of the test kit built up to add to the news on this kit. 

The Red Baron

Manfred von Richthofen (1892- 1918) went down in history under the nickname of the “Red Baron”. The leading ace of German aviation, Richthofen was the most celebrated aviator of the First World War: in less than two years he had 80 confirmed kills, and it was during an air duel where he eventually met his demise: in April 1918, he was struck in a hail of bullets and died soon afterwards.
Nicknamed by his comrades, but especially by his opponents, the “Red Devil”, the “Red Baron”, “Little Red” or the “Red Knight”, Manfred von Richthofen still remains an aviation legend. When the First World War ended, he scored the most victories in air battles: he had shot down 80 enemy planes (some even say 81). French captain René Fonck came in a close second with 75 planes shot down. However, the two never met in battle.
If one had to assign a percentage factor to this fame, about ten percent comes from the fact that it was the mount in which the leading German ace, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, was killed, shortly after his 80th, and last, victory. 

The Kit from Meng:

The QS-002s Fokker Dr.I Triplane “Red Baron” is a limited edition product based on the MENG QS-002 Fokker Dr.I Triplane kit. This kit includes a 1/10 resin bust of the “Red Baron” Manfred von Richthofen and a Fokker Dr.I Triplane kit.
The 1/10th scale bust in the special edition:
This Manfred von Richthofen bust features a calm and confident facial expression of a man control of his surroundings and it will suit the motif of this kit very well. 
The figure wears a leather flight jacket over the Imperial German Army uniform. He wears an M1910 Officer Visor Cap on his head and the famous "Blue Max" medal on the neckline. The Pour le Mérite  'For Merit') is an order of merit (German: Verdienstorden) established in 1740 by King Frederick II of Prussia. During the First World War, the award was informally as the Blue Max (German: Blauer Max). 
The colloquial name "Blue Max" was given in honour of Max Immelmann, the first recipient of the Pour le Mérite during WWI. Recipients of the "Blue Max" were required to wear the award whenever in uniform. Manfred von Richthofen, who was the top-scoring ace of World War I was awarded one and you can see in many photographs of him during the war like this one below.
The 10th scale resin bust is made of resin. The bust pictures here are real photos of the piece, not 3D renderings.
This sculpt is made in the image of the best-known photo of the “Red Baron”. This product is limited to 1,000 kits and it will soon be a collector's item we think...
A snippet of the Sprues of the kit
We also have some very fresh sprue pictures of the kit, controls of the kit here with moulded on control lines.
 The seat looks like it has some wrinkles in the seat cushion...
 The cockpit floor...
 Look at the detail on those tyres!
 The lines holding these canvas parts look very convincing...
 The Photo Etched cooling jacket around the machine gun is usually something for aftermarket companies, this one looks good enough not to have to replace, especially compared with the simpler all in one moulded part it is compared with.
Test shot build-up:
On the Meng Website, we have seen these new pictures of the test kit that has been built up by the staff there - some interesting surface details. The upper surface of the wing one of the 4 (don't forget the one between the wheels) with sagged cloth gathered at the wing ribs.

All of the smaller details of the Dr I are present...

The cockpit from what we can see in this picture along with the guns looks very nice

Those metal barrel options that come with the kit certainly are worth the effort

Ahaa! a fourth wing!

We are not sure you need an aftermarket propeller with this kit - some modellers will do it anyway, but this is pretty good in shape.

A stripped away area around where the guns are mounted.

Again, those guns - a focal point along with the cockpit.

The whole kit in a walk around...

For more on this kit, you can visit the Meng Website