Wednesday, July 29

Preview: U-552 The Red Devil's boat - An operational documentation in pictures & text from Luftfahrtverlag-start

The latest in the renown series of wartime pictorial accounts from WWII from Luftfahrtverlag-start is just about to be released. This one features the famous U-Boat commander Erich Topp, his boat & crew in a book called "U-552 The Red Devil's boat - An operational documentation in pictures & text" - and it looks really very good. We have exclusive images from the book and news on how and where to find out more in our preview...

The "Devil's Boat" emerges from Luftfahrtverlag-start

Preview: U-552 The Red Devil's boat - An operational documentation in pictures and text 
Published by Luftfahrtverlag-start
Authors: Axel Urbanke and Michael Rey
Dual language - in German & English
Pages: 352
Photos: 318
Illustration: 18 colour cards and 6 coloured boat drawings
Format: 24 x 28.5 cm - large-format, hardcover with a dust jacket
ISBN: 978-3-941437-34-0
Price: €64
One of, if not the best producers of war accounts from WWII is Luftfahrtverlag-start from Germany. They not only look after the tastes of the Luftwaffe, the Wehrmacht but importantly the Kreigsmarine and U-boat enthusiasts, Arriving at the end of July is their newest title which follows the wartime exploits of Erich Topp and his boat U-552 - the "Devil's Boat". 

This new book from Luftfahrtverlag-start team, written by Axel Urbanke and Michael Rey comes in a dual-language format, in both German & English and follows the wartime exploits of Erich Topp and his boat U-552 - the "Devil's Boat"

Both English & German covers are available, though text inside is in both languages...
U-552 is one of the legendary submarines of the Second World War. Under its commander Erich Topp, it carried out a total of 10 enemy voyages in 1941/42, on which 30 ships were sunk and three damaged in 20 months. 

Images of the boat, it's famous commander and crew are captured in port, on operations in between battles on the boat are all captured in large-format photos that use the landscape format of the book well.
The book features full-colour illustrations by Juanita Franzi
In the days of the great convoy battles, in which the Allied location technology was not yet fully developed, the German radio key had not yet been cracked and the convoy escort was scarce or nonexistent, Topp was one of the most successful commanders of the submarine weapon. Within 16 months for his exploits, he was awarded the Knight's Cross, oak leaves and swords. 

Large format photos previously unpublished feature in this book. Shots of the commander and crew on the conning tower and that infamous devil emblem...
U-552 was known as the boat with the "Red Devil" emblem, was probably the most photographed submarine by the war reporters. Despite this notoriety during the war, there is still no documentation about U-552 until now. 

The dual. English & German text describes not only the story but all photos in the book and increases the interest in the captured scenes.
This book changes this. Photos of all undertakings, a chronicle of enemy voyages beyond the time of Topp with a detailed description of all operations, together make up a special submarine book. Colour graphics and insert cards complete the volume.

 As always, detailed maps and campaign movements of the boat are included to help the reader place the action
 Images from the watch and in combat are included in the story...
 Of course - homecomings and shore life is captured also...
U-552 - The Red Devil Boat - Its Operational History in Words and Images is available from the end of July. The price is €64, plus shipping costs to wherever you live. The book is now available for pre-order so those keen can secure their copy. 
If you like what you see here you can order this book from the Product Link on the Luftfahrtverlag-start Website