Thursday, August 20

Preview: "Bumblebee" - first in a series of Transformers from Trumpeter.

Well a little out of the blue for some of us, but Trumpeter's plans for bringing snap-together robots from the Transformers universe is about to "transform" the modelling benches of a few of us out there - see what we know about the first release and the series to come in our preview...

All new tool Bumblebee model from Trumpeter.

Trumpeter Transformers Bumblebee Smart Model Kit
Kit No #SM01
Material: ABS injection kit
Height: 11 cm / 4.33''
- No glue needed for assembly
- Around 60 pcs
- 20+ movable joints, highly poseable figure
Estimated Release Date: October 2020.
News last year had caused murmurs - back in April of 2019 we had heard about this new kit and series by Trumpeter, but now we have official images and release date along with much more info for you here today.
Made from injection moulded plastic, this kit will stand about 11 cm or 4.33 inches high. Bumblebee is one of the smallest Autobots, but this isn't a big kit at all. One thinks that it would make the kit more appealing for a diorama maker though! 

The kit is a snap-together kit, with no glue needed for assembly and there are around sixty pieces in the kit.

The sprue layout of the kit
Parts of the kit, (it is pre-coloured) you can see as the stand to display the kit (if that is your thing) is added also
This really IS a model kit! you can see sprues make it real for us!!!
You can see the kit has over twenty posable joints, so there are plenty of display options. Weapons and as you can see that stand here allowing you to pose it in many different ways (if you like that kind of thing)
A bit of a walk around the completed kit. We see past the toy-like appeal of this kit into a modelling diorama scene, posable in the real world, this could really be an interesting kit to add to a scene.
We do like his poses without the stand actually...
Now if you don't like Bumblebee then the good news is there is a whole series of both Autobots and Decepticons coming - with Trumpeter licencing the full series of "movie" transformers, so no old school figures but movie figures on the way also...Optimus Prime, Shatter, Blitzwing and Soundwave are amongst the many planned.

Both goodies and baddies to your tastes - maybe a full battle set? The figures in this range will be around 15 cm and 10 cm tall once assembled
With an estimated release date of October 2020, we will give you more info on these kits as they come to us, You can see more about them on the Trumpeter Website...