Friday, September 11

Paper panzer proposal preview: Pz.IV Ausf.K from Amusing Hobby in 35th scale

Amusing Hobby has quite a market going for it in the world of "Paper Panzers" and vehicles you might see in World of Tanks. They have another vehicle planned for release - a proposal by Krupp in the form of the Panzer Pz.IV Ausf.K. We have a little about the proposal in our preview...

Paper panzer proposal preview: Pz.IV Ausf.K from Amusing Hobby in 35th scale 

Pz.IV Ausf.K
From: Amusing Hobby
Kit No #35A036
1/35th scale
Having taken on several Panther, Panzer IV and similar "what-If" projects in the past,  why not make more if modellers are buying and making them? Today we look a little at the latest in line to be released, the proposal for an up-armoured Panzer IV in our preview... 

The Panzer IV Ausf. K proposal.
Paper panzer proposed by Krupp with a slopped armour in front.
The "Panzer IV Ausf. K" was a design proposal entry by Krupp for the Panzer IV Ausf. H which featured a redesigned hull with sloped armour and wider tracks.

It would have had 50mm frontal armour and 45mm side armour slope at 60° from the vertical and have 560mm wide tracks with three roadwheels instead of two in each suspension arm, increasing its weight to 28.2 tons.
On October 1943 however, its was determined that changing the Panzer IV's design would have slowed down Panzer IV production and due to the need to double the production of the Panzer IV by spring 1944, it was cancelled in favour of retaining the original Panzer IV design but with the armour increased to 80mm.

The kit from Amusing Hobby:
It seems a pretty smart move from Amusing Hobby, taking the hull and turret of the Panzer IV and adding simple, sloped armour to the hull. A variety of turrets could be chosen in the future also with a Schmaltrum already made by them, that could be an alternative.

So far this tank also only exists as a drawing...
We only have a resin The Panzer IV Ausf. K so far, so a plastic one would be great for a lot of peeps who can't get the resin to work for them.

We do not know a timeframe for this kit, but can guess you ill see it withing two months or so...

More information on all of their kits available from Amusing Hobby's Website...