Tuesday, September 1

More surprises from Suyata - 1/48th scale Base + Sd,Kfz 171 Panther w/ full interior + 16t Strabokran + figures - all in ONE BOX!!

Not only does Suyata's new release of a base scene for a diorama come from left field, but it shocks us more to realize that not only the full interior Panther, the mechanic figures and the Strabokran 16t also come in the same box!! - all in 48th scale - all you need is glue and paint. See the pieces of the puzzle together in our preview...

Suyata finishes teasing us & gives us the full diorama in a box treatment in 48th scale

Diorama base + Sd,Kfz 171 Panther w/ full interior + 16t Strabokran + figures 
From Suyata
1/48th scale
Plastic injection moulded kit
Full interior included
The new company SUYATA have already released several impressive and innovative new concepts in a genre that is already full of new and surprising takes on models. Now they follow up on their plans for what many thought were aftermarket sets for the 48th scale Panther - well fool on them as this one turns out to be a full diorama in a box - the crane, figure, full interior tank and diorama base all in one box!! wowzers!

We first thought something was odd when they released an illustration suggesting they were going to release the 48th scale Maybach HL230 engine - we did notice that compartment only was shaded out on the panther illustration in the top right...
Next up came the announcement of a 1/48th scale German Panther tank transmission - the very same as you would see in a Panther, hmmmm. We were hoping, but nothing else yet...
The next announcement was that they were ALSO making a 1/48th scale  Rheinmetall 7.5cm KwK 42, but not just that - the turret internals were also all there. It would be SILLY not to make a full tank don't you think?
OK, this is getting silly now - the announcement that a Panther tank fighting compartment for the interior of your 48th scale Panther was being made really made us wait for the next info drop.
Next announcement was that Suyata revealed a newly-tooled 48th scale Sd.Kfz.171 Panther in 1/48th scale with a full interior! wow - there will be rumblings from all over about this one. What could come next? figures? buckets? Gawd only knows!
But there was more to come...

Next came the announcement of the 1/48th scale 16T Strabokran, suitable for the Panther tank, and an important part of a maintenance scenario. 
Next came the suggestion that this set will come with figures also to fill the scene. It would make a good kit to add to the Panther and the crane...
Today we learn that the crane, figures and tank will also come with a base to add to the scene to match the Panther tank maintenance scene, made from plastic in dimensions of 246mm x 213 x 20mm.
This combined with the previously revealed Panther with full interior and 16T Strabokran will form the entire set of products to form a single diorama straight from one box. Also included in the box are a set of matching Zimmerit water-slide decals for the Panther tank. 

For those of you modellers who like a whole solution in one box LOOK NO FURTHER! We are pretty astounded by this full set and we are looking forward to it coming out.

Check out the "Suyata" Facebook page for more information on their innovative range of new kits and tools coming our way.