Sunday, September 6

Preview: Two new kits from Hobbyboss on the way in September...

Two new kits from Hobbyboss this month - a small scale truck that was produced in large scale and a Puma that has a dog-box on top of it? We have box art, sprues, marking, decals and everything else inside the boxes of these kits in our new item preview.

Hobbyboss' new releases for September...

Russian URAL-4320 Truck
Model: #82930
1/72nd scale
The Ural-4320 is a general-purpose off-road 6x6 truck, produced at the Ural Automotive Plant en-masse for use in the Russian army. Introduced in 1976, it is still in production today. The wheel arrangement for the Ural-4320 was designed for transporting cargo, people and trailers on all types of roads and terrain. It also serves as a launching platform for the BM-21 "Grad" rocket launcher.

The colours and decal choices of this kit
The Ural-4320 is a diesel-powered development of the Ural-375D. The Ural-4320 chassis has good ground clearance, so it is preferred in regions where roads are difficult to traverse due to sand or big rocks. The Ural-4320 is reliable and easy to repair and maintain.
Model Length: 102.5mm   Width: 33.3mm  
Total of 3 sprues, cab, frame, carriage and tires
The kit consists of over 40 parts 
-Newly tooled parts in accurate detail
-Rubber tires

Model: # 84547
1/35th scale
The Puma is a heavily armoured Combat engineering vehicle and armoured personnel carrier that the Engineering Corps of the Israeli Defence Forces. 

The colours and decal choices of this kit
It is a heavily armoured vehicle, as well as an armoured personnel carrier that the Israeli Defence Forces has used since the early 1990s. This kit has been made with enthusiasts in mind. With highly detailed plastic parts to build one model this kit also comes with decals and photo-etched parts.
Model Length: 229.4mm   Width: 111.1mm   
Total of 22 sprues, upper hull and lower hull
Total Plastic Parts: 1200+ 
- Two-directional slide moulded lower hull
- individual tracks links
-  photo-etched parts included
These new kits are (or should soon be) available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...