Friday, October 16

Preview - Hard working German drivers & their good for nothing bosses in MiniArt's latest set...

We have seen Russian, American & a mix of drivers and mechanics from MiniArt, now "Ze Germans" get a turn with a set of four figures - two at hard work, the other two hard-up working as we see the new Officers and Drivers in their new kit...

New MiniArt Kit Coming Soon:

German Drivers & Officers 
From MiniArt
1/35th scale
Kit No #35345 
The kit contains four figures
MiniArt's new kit contains four unassembled figures of German Tank Drivers and Officers in light grey injection moulded plastic.

There have been a few sets of mechanics and drivers from MiniArt in the past, but U.S., Russian and a mix of drivers, but not a set of Germans until now.
Like every nation in WWII, Germany had a large section of smaller soft-skinned vehicles from national and - ahem,, international sources, drivers and the officers that drove around were a common sight on the roads and in pictures of WWII troops and vehicles...
The kit from MiniArt
This new armoured car from MiniArt features four figures, two officers, both in regular uniform and two drivers/ mechanics who are folding their cars while the officers stand and wait.
You can see them painted up here, the drivers bending and crouching over the bonnets, the officers hanging back and watching intently on. The only thing they are missing is a pair of gloves they can slap while they wait.
This fellow is either fixing his car or spinning the wheels of steel as a DJ as he looks intently to one side as he finagles the engine...
The second fellow looks like he could be removing a tyre, cranking his car up, or maybe cutting shapes with his hands as he dances on the dancefloor to his DJ mate! The overseas cap and standard soldier's tunic and pants fit the bill here for a driver in general chauffeur duties.
This casual young officer looks on to the scene as his driver gets his hands dirty. "Rank hath its privileges" and all that! The M42 peaked hat, officer's tunic and breaches give him every bit of the look of a German junior officer.
The last figure int he set is another German officer, this time looking on placidly to the scene - do you think he wants a turn at cranking the car? probably not... His combination of tall leather boots and breeches regular tunic and peaked officer cap again is very typical of a German officer of this time period.
That is all we know about this kit so far, See more about all of MiniArt's kits on their website...