Sunday, October 25

Preview: A new arrow in your quiver - HK Models new Do 335 A-10 Trainer in 32nd scale.

Hong Kong Models have not been resting during this time of COVID. Like us, they have been making new models, but this one is an adaptation of the Do 335 Pfeil range in 32nd scale. We have the CADs, box art and colour choices of their latest "Arrow" in our preview...
A new arrow in your quiver from HK models

Do335 A-10 Trainer
From Hong Kong Models
Kit No #01E09
1/32nd scale
Plastic injection moulded kit
Photo-Etch & Nose weights included
Decals for one aircraft in German, US & British service included in the box
Price: $158.00 USD
Hong Kong Models have been busy at work developing more projects in 48th and 32nd scales of recent times, and there is more to come from them soon, however, today we ave some information on the next kit in their 1/32nd scale Pfeil series.
The 1/32nd Do335 A-10 two-seat trainer is the next incarnation of the kit, with several features we will show you that can be gleaned from the CAD images and the colour choices included in the kit. Let's have a look...

The Subject - Dornier Do335 A-10:
The Do 335 V10 was the prototype for the Do 335A-6 radar-equipped two-seat night fighter variant. A second cockpit for the radar operator was inserted above and behind the pilot's cockpit. 
The weapons bay was replaced by a redesigned fuel tank, radar antennae were attached to the wing leading edges and flame dampers fitted to the exhausts. However, the FuG217 radar equipment was never actually fitted to the V10. Production of the A-6 was transferred to Heinkel in Vienna, but none were put into proper production.

Dornier Do 335 A-10 (240112) at Neubiberg shortly after the war ended in US hands. 
The Kit:
This kit is an updated tooling of the Do 335A kit from Hong Kong Models. It comes with a few features we will point out that we noticed from the CAD drawings of the kit on the HK website.
The engine compartments for both forward and rear engines can be posed open alike the earlier kits in the Pfeil range.
Of course, we get two full cockpits, with opened or closed canopies and gun access panels that can also be posed open.
A view of the exposed engines, cockpit and gun panels. These can be opened to the modeller's desire.
The Dornier do 335 is a well-known tail sitter, and HK models have provided a nose weight to fit inside the front engine to cure this aircraft of raising the front nose unexpectedly.
Colour choices in the box:
There are three markings inside this kit, with all three being of the same aircraft. Werk No# 240112. This was seen in at least two liveries we could find online...

Do 335 A-10 Wnr. 2410112, Neubiberg, Germany, April 1945
Many pictures exist of this aircraft, especially after it was captured in 1945, but we think this image below was before that...
Do 335 A-10 Wnr. 2410112, in US Markings - Neubiberg, Germany, April 1945

We do not have any photographs of this aircraft in US markings, although there are plenty of shots of it surrounded by GI's after the aircraft was taken up by "new management".
Do 335 A-10 Wnr. 2410112, RAE Farnborough, UK, November 1945
This aircraft was transferred to RAE Farnborough in the UK for evaluation by the British in November 1945. Unfortunately, it crashed on the 18th of January 1946 at Cove, killing the pilot Group Captain Alan F. Hards after the rear engine caught fire and burnt through the elevator controls. 
The decals of the kit are a simple affair, with markings in the British, German and US aircraft we have just looked at.
This kit is now available to purchase from Hong Kong Modller's Distributors around the world. Asking RRP is $158 USD so not bad for a pretty nice representation of this aircraft.

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