Saturday, November 28

Preview: A new book on the hunting men & machines of Jasta 14 in WWI from Luftfahrtverlag-Start

Luftfahrtverlag-Start has a new book in development covering German flying machines of the last century - but this one is different, it covers Jasta 14 from the First World War. We have some basic info on the book, some sample pages and how to order it online if you are interested...

A new book on the hunting Jasta 14 from WWI from Luftfahrtverlag-Start 

"Jasta 14
Die Geschichte der Jagdstaffel 14 - 1916-1918"
Written by: Jörg Mückler and Rainer Absmeier
Published by: Luftfahrtverlag-Start
224 Pages
200 Photos, 9 coloured cards & 21 profiles
Expected release date February / March 2021
Price: € 64 + shipping
Luftfahrtverlag-Start's first book on the subject of the First World War aircraft will be published in very early 2021. They have decided to make more books on this period and the machines and men who flew them. 
The first book  in this genre comes from the team of specialists Jörg Mückler and Rainer Absmeier. Called "Jasta 14", it covers the little-known Prussian hunting squad and their mounts in wood, wire and canvas during the First World War. 
This book is supplied full of photos, indeed the 224 pages contain some excellent visuals of over two hundred photographs. The very nature of the time between then and now meaning some of these were thought lost to time before now.
The use of coloured maps to illustrate the story, the actions of the units and travels of Jasta 14 are combined with with twenty-two coloured profiles of the aircraft of Jasta 14 bring this story to the reader in a way not thought before possible. Use of comparison photos of the places today and back then tie the reader into the time and give us an illustration of just how the physical spaces looked back then are also helpful.
The book is going to print in January 2021, but you can already pre-order by contacting the Luftfahrtverlag-Start team on their website (link is here) to assure you can get in before the rush.
You can find out more about this book and order if you like the look of it from the  Luftfahrtverlag-Start website.