Thursday, November 26

Zis goes with zat from MiniArt with kits combined to make something new...

MiniArt has combined their ZIS 2/3 field gun with a crew and limber to make this set of all three combined with ammunition in a different set of anti-tankers in time for December. See what is in the kit in our preview...
New MiniArt Kit Coming Soon:

ZIS-2/ZIS-3 With Limber & Crew. 2 in 1 
From Miniart Models
Kit No #35369 
1/35th scale
Decals for 2 variants each gun type in the box.
MiniArt has released their Zis2 & Zis 3 with crew before in the form of kit no #35032 called "SOVIET 76,2 mm DIV. FIELD GUN ZIS-3 w/CREW". This kit does not include the limber and the parts for the ZIS2 or kit no #36058 "ZIS-3 GUN Emplacement".. 

Both of these two kits have now been discontinued.
So instead of re-issuing these they have opted for a new line up (of sorts) combining the ZIS 2 & 3 gun options with the ammunition limber and the gun crew set (with no base) making the set a little more all encompassing and a little more flexible. 

Note - there is ONE field gun in this box - it is up to you if you want the ZIS2 or the ZIS 3.
What is in the kit:
Box Contains Models Of Zis-2 57-mm Anti Tank Gun Or Zis-3 Soviet 76,2-mm Divisional Field Gun,
Ammunition Limber, 
Five Figures, firing the gun or carrying ammo are included