Thursday, December 17

Italeri's December (2nd serving) new items on sale now...

Italeri has surprised us with three more releases just in time before Christmas. We have art, decals, colour choices and sprue pictures of all three kits in our preview...
Italeri's December (2nd serving) new items on sale now...

Kit No #2809
1/48th scale
Model Dim.: 39,9 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 60 mm
The four colour choices included in this boxing
The Lockheed U-2 is one of the best known high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the history of aviation and an icon of the Cold War. The development of the aircraft was approved in the early 1950’s with the first flight in 1955. 

The decal sheet
The U-2 was characterized by its large wing area and wingspan. Its aerodynamic structure enabled it to operate at an altitude of 70,000 feet (over 21,000 meters) and undertake intelligence-gathering operations using highly advanced photographic and video recording systems. 

The sprues of this kit
It was first used operationally by the C.I.A. and then by the U.S.A.F. The design was improved over time and ultimately led to the development of the TR-1A version to carry out high altitude tactical reconnaissance missions. For this role, the TR-1 was equipped with side-looking radar, modern avionics systems and ECM (Electronic countermeasures).

M1 155mm Howitzer
Kit No #6581
1/35th scale
Model Dim.: 20,9 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 48 mm
In the years leading up to World War II, the United States undertook a complete modernization of the army's artillery capabilities to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. 

The single, simple colour choice included in this boxing
Whilst great attention was paid to ammunition and artillery trailers, one outcome of this modernization project was the development of the 155/23 howitzer. 

The sprues of this kit
The kit contains 6 Figures
It was first produced in 1942 as a medium artillery piece and served the US Army throughout the Second World War. It could use different types of ammunition and had a maximum range of 14,600 meters. Very robust and reliable, it also proved to have good operational longevity. It was in fact used by the U.S. Army post WW2 during the Korean War, and indeed during the Vietnam War before eventually being replaced by the more modern M198.

T-55 A
Kit No #7081
1/72nd scale
Model Dim.: 12,5 cm
Box Dim.: 258 x 162 x 38 mm
100% New Moulds 
- Fully Detailed Engine -  
- Color  Instructions Sheet
The T-54 / T-55 medium tank series was produced by the Soviet Union at the end of the Second World War. The T-55 model embraced some of the key features of the famous WW2 Russian T-34 tank, which was simplicity in design, effective, economic to produce and easy to repair on the battlefield. 

The 4 colour variants included in this boxing
Decals For 4 Versions - The decal sheet
The qualities of the T-55 saw it taken into service not only by Warsaw Pact allies, but also a few years later by some African and Asian countries. The T-55 is considered to be one of the most notable MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) produced after WWII, evolving from the T-54 design through the adoption of an improved engine, more space for ammunition and more effective NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) protection. 

The sprues of this kit - a simple and detailed construction by the look of it...
It was armed with a 100 mm gun and equipped with effective and heavy armour protection that brought its total weight up to 35 tons. It was in use for several decades in many theatres of operations, becoming one of the most revered armoured vehicles in military history.

The kit made up by the people at Italeri - a very nice representation in 72nd scale!
These new kits are now for sale from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide