Tuesday, December 8

Preview: Meng's new 35th scale Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Namer

Israel's own Leopard is next for Meng Models, with the new 35th scale Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Namer the next kit to be produced with co-ordination with IDF experts. We look at the real thing & the features of the kit in our preview...

Preview: Meng's new 35th scale Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Namer

Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Namer
From the Meng Model
Kit No #SS-018
1/35th scale
The Subject: The Namer
The Namer "Leopard"  heavy armoured personnel carrier is a mayor element of the IDF modernization plan. The latest design of the Namer is based on the Merkava Mk.4 main battle tank chassis. Currently it is one of the most protected APCs in the world. It provides infantry with the level of protection and mobility matching those of the latest main battle tanks. A first batch of production vehicles was delivered in 2008. By 2017 Israel plans to acquire a total of 170 Namer heavy armoured personnel carriers. Originally 386 vehicles were planned however later this number was reduced due to budget cuts.
The Namer heavy APC is fitted with modular Armor and Trophy active protection system. For the first time active protection system is used as an integral element. Vehicle is also fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems. The Namer offers the same protection level as the Merkava Mk.4.
Vehicle is armed with remotely controlled weapon station, fitted with 12.7 mm machine gun, which can be replaced with 40 mm grenade launcher. There is also a manually-operated 7.62 mm machine gun, mounted on top of the roof. Vehicle is fitted with new battlefield management system.
The Namer has a crew of two and provides accommodation for 10 infantrymen or two stretchers. Troops enter and leave the vehicle through the rear ramp, while there are two hatches on the hull roof for commander and gunner.
Despite being based on Merkava Mk.4 running gear, the Namer has a different hull. Initial production vehicles are powered by the Merkava Mk.3 MBT Continental AVDS-1790-9AR diesel engine, developing 1 200 hp, however it will be replaced with more modern Continental or MTU unit.
The Kit from Meng:
With the help of Lt. Col. (res) Michael Mass who’s the curator of the Latrun Armored Corps Museum, MENG now releases this SS-018 1/35 Israeli Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier Namer model kit. The finished model will be 259.7mm long and 115mm wide.
This kit can be built as a Namer heavy APC late version, or a command version or a version with the Trophy active protection system.
That is all we have on this new kit from Meng so far, More as the kit comes closer to release - or check on Meng's Website for more info