Thursday, December 24

Preview - A new Mig-25PD "Foxbat E" in 72nd scale from ICM

ICM plastic model kits has news of an addition to their recently released Mig-25 series of kits in 72nd scale to make the Foxbat that most of us are familiar with, the cold war nemesis, the  Mig-25PD or "Foxbat E". we have cad images and boart and a little on this variant in history in our preview...
Preview - A new tooled Mig-25PD in 72nd scale from ICM

From ICM Models
1/72nd scale
Model #72177
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ICM has added to their newest tooled Mig -25 series in 72nd scale with parts for the peak of cold war antagonist from the SOviet side - the mighty Mig-25PD or "Foxbat E". This is still a really big kit in this scale and it looks to have some great detail as we will see in the CAD preview. Firs t- a little about this particular variant of the Foxbat...

The Subject: MiG-25PD / Foxbat-E
In November 1976 the MiG OKB was ordered to develop an improved MiG-25P on a fast-track basis. The new variant was designated "MiG-25PD", where the "D" stood for "dorabottanniy / upgraded". The MiG-25PD was introduced into service in 1979 and assigned the NATO reporting name of "Foxbat-E". The MiG-25PD ("Foxbat-E") eventually became the definitive Foxbat, entering production in 1978.
The most significant improvement in the MiG-25PD was the new RP-25M Saphir 25 radar, based on the Saphir-23 developed for the MiG-23 fighter. It was a great improvement over the Smerch-A, having slightly greater range and, more significantly, pulse-Doppler operation to provide a look-down / shoot-down capability. The aircraft's nose was slightly stretched to accommodate the new radar. The Saphir 25 was complemented in later MiG-25PD production by a TP-26Sh-1 "infrared search & track (IRST)" sensor mounted under the nose to provide passive target detection and tracking.
There had been upgrades in other avionics systems during MiG-25P production, and the MiG-25PD was fitted with the most up-to-date standard of radios, navigation systems, data links, and IFF. It also could carry improved R-40R and R-40T AAMs, featuring more sophisticated seekers, these updated weapons being designated "R-40RD" and "R-40TD" respectively. In addition, the MiG-25PD could carry an alternate war load of two R-40s and four R-60 (NATO AA-8 Aphid) short-range heat-seeking AAMs, with the Aphids replacing the outboard R-40s and carried on a dual stores rack.
Other improvements in the MiG-25PD included R15BD-300 engines, with no increase in thrust but modernized accessory gearboxes; and the ability to carry an oversized, spindle-shaped 5,300-liter (1,400 US gallon) belly tank, over half as long as the aircraft itself, and one of the biggest external tanks ever fitted to any Soviet aircraft.
Older MiG-25Ps were updated to a similar specification and given the new designation of "MiG-25PDS", with the "DS" standing for "dorabottanniy v stroyou / field upgrade". They were also referred to by NATO using the Foxbat-E designation.

The kit from ICM:
As you can see in the CAD drawings from ICM the kit has all the features of the earlier jets plus the additional parts to take the PD variant...
 The R15BD-300 engines and hose massive "cans" or afterburner nozzles are also a feature of this variant...
The  RP-25M Saphir 25 radar is another feature of the PD variant, with the added TP-26Sh-1 "infrared search & track (IRST)" sensor mounted under the nose being visible here.
The massive fuselage and wing area, this is a BIG kit even in 72nd scale
The four Bisnovat (later Molniya then Vympel) R-40's (NATO reporting name AA-6 'Acrid') long-range air-to-air missile was developed in the 1960s by the Soviet Union specifically for the MiG-25P interceptor - as are shown here underneath the wings...
That is all we have on this kit so far, more as it comes close - might even get someone to build it if there is a chance - More info on this kit on the ICM Website