Sunday, December 20

Sad news: A fire at Eduard's warehouse in the Czech Republic...

We don't really like to post news about bad news, but the fire at Eduartd's warehouse is something we thought you should all be aware of. We have a message from Eduard in our story...

Fire at Eduard storage warehouse 20/12/20
The warehouse that Eduard Model Accessories use to store a lot of their product in the Czech Republic was burned yesterday in somewhat of a tragic but thankfully a casualty-free incident.
Although the warehouse was burned down as the pictures indicate, there were no people harmed in the fire. We have a message from Eduard about the fire here:

Dear friends,
"Today unfortunately there was a fire in the Most Object we rent for our warehouse. Thankfully no one was hurt. As many of you know, our production is located in Obrnice. We immediately started looking for spare spaces to restore the normal operation of the company as soon as possible. We estimate it will take a number of weeks. Until further notice, we are unable to handle orders via e-commerce. We will be very happy if you support us shopping in your shops. Thank you all for your support. And big thanks to professional and volunteer firefighters who intervened on the spot!

PS: we postpone posting the Christmas video for a few days...

As you can see the biggest fear whenever there is a fire is that no one was harmed, and this was the case here. If anything was lost, then it can be replaced.

So - the best way for us to support Eduard's family is to buy more of their kits!

Good luck to the Eduard family from us here at The Modelling News, we know you will bounce back soon!