Thursday, January 14

Preview: Airfix 2021 Catalogue in digital form...

Airfix has listened to modellers and produced a catalogue for 2021. Although a lot of these items are known to modellers or are existing stock, it is always interesting to look at what's new and what you knew in their brochure...
Airfix' 2021 Catalogue goes live
Airfix has given their fans some online eye-candy with the release of their digital catalogue for 2021. There are some new items plus some older, known subjects that have been int he stable for many years in here.
Of course, they will have more secret items to roll out during the year - all of these companies do, but it is nice to see what is planned. We have left out the kiddy-themed kits that resemble lego and concentrated on showing you just the starter - to the adult kits in our preview...
Even games!
OF course, their Humbrol range is included
Their scenic range for smaller scale models & trains
For more on all of Airfix kits look on their website