Thursday, January 7

Preview: Suyata's new "2 in 1" T-90A Main Battle Tank & "Tiger" Gaz-233014 Armoured Vehicle in 48th scale

New-tool 1/48th scale armour looks to be the hot ticket of recent times, with many model companies expanding their ranges in this scale. Suyata is the latest to take on the challenge with a pair of very nice looking Russian modern military vehicles, the T90A & "Tiger " AFV in a combo set boxing. We look at each of the subjects in our preview...

Suyata's T-90A Main Battle Tank & "Tiger" Gaz-233014 Armoured Vehicle in 48th scale

T-90A Main Battle Tank & "Tiger" Gaz-233014 Armoured Vehicle
2 in 1 set
From Suyata
1/48th scale
Kit no #002
Plastic injection moulded kits
With alternate scales being the rage right now why not start off with the apex predators of the modern age? Two Russian stablemates and top tiers have been selected by Suyata as their new "Two in One" boxing in 1/48th scale, the Main Battle tank T90A and the all-purpose AFV the "Tiger" Gaz-233014 Armoured Vehicle. We will look at both of these vehicles in our preview...

T90A Main Battle Tank
Main battle tank T-90 was developed in the early 90-ties by Uralvagonzavod plant design bureau (leading designer V.Potkin). Since 1997 its export modification T-90S has been offered in the world's military markets. In "Military Ordnance" magazine opinion T-90S took 7-th place in the world best main battle tanks rating in 1998.
Main battle tank's T-90 construction embodies the best main battle tank T-72B and T-80U design solutions and the best layout and structural features. From T-72B it received its reliable chassis, from the T-80U the turret with armament and fire control systems. The main battle tank has a classic arrangement, with rear placed engine and transmission. Tanks crew consists of commander, gunner and driver-mechanic.
The driver is placed in hull's front part under his hatch in a separate driving compartment. He is fitted with wide view optical system. Tank's commander and gunner are placed in rotating armoured turret, in combat compartment. Commander is placed right from the main gun and gunner on the left.
T-90As entered service in 2005, replacing the aging T-72s and T-80s and forming the backbone of Russian ground forces. The T-90A has been developed on the basis of thorough investigation and interpretation of tactics and strategy of using tanks in specific present-day combat conditions, considering long army service experience ol the T-72 tanks in many countries of the world and taking into account the results of the perennial arduous field tests. 
The advanced design solutions and cutting-edge technologies implemented in the T-90A MBT have opened up opportunities for the military to plan effective operations, enhanced reliability and agility of tanks and made it possible to improve their operational and performance characteristics by a factor of 1.5. compared with T-72S. Though new units and systems, which improve T-90A combat and operational characteristics, have been incorporated, the tank overall dimensions remain as those of the T-72C tank. Only it has become heavier by 2 tons, but the tank is still lighter by 9 t than French MBT Leclerc by 16 t than American Abrams M1A2 Abrams and German Leopard-2A6.

"Tiger" Gaz-233014 Armoured Vehicle
The GAZ Tigr (Russian: Тигр and English: Tiger) is a Russian 4x4, multipurpose, all-terrain infantry mobility vehicle manufactured by GAZ, first delivered to the Russian Army in 2006. Primarily used by the Russian Federation's armed forces, it is also used by numerous other countries. The GAZ-233014 is the military variant of GAZ-2330 “Tiger” high-mobility vehicles which resembles the US "Humvee" and are therefore called the “Russian Humvee”.  It entered military service in 2007, and the “Tiger” is capable of achieving an off-road speed up to 120-140km/h thanks to its high mobility design. 
A crew of six includes driver and co-driver plus 4 Special Forces personnel. The armament consists of roof ring mounted AGS-17 30mm automatic grenade launcher and “Pecheneg” 7.62mm MG which can be simultaneously operated by two crew members through the open hatch. The cabin can also host a large storage of ammunition and RPG launchers.
This version of the "Tigr" has third-class ballistic protection in accordance with GOST R 50963-96 side and aft projections. In the frontal projection, the machine is protected by a class 5 Standard. In the roof of the car, there is one big revolving door with folding lid and two brackets for mounting weapons. 
Firing of personal weapons crew and troops through opening armoured glass in the doors and on the sides of the car. In the cabin air space for the driver, older cars and 4 people landing. Provides space for stacking of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades type RPG-26, the radio station and the radio-controlled explosive devices blocker.
This new kit from Suyata:
We know little of Suyata as a modern military model maker, but if their Panther and Strabokran are anything to go by (also in 48th scale) this two in one kit will be impressive. We do not know much about the features of the kit yet, so we will not guess at this point. We will let you know, however, what transpires over the next month or so with this new 48th scale boxing.
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