Sunday, February 28

Hellenic Air Force Vipers Part 1 for F-16C/D Block 52+ & block 52M in Greek service from Zeus Projects

Our friends at Zeus Projects have released a brand new decal sheet for the F-16 fighting Falcons of the Hellenic Airforce in new and "worn" fashions! We have all of the information and news on what to expect and where to get these in our preview...

Hellenic Air Force Vipers Part 1 for F-16C/D Block 52+ and block 52M in Greek service
Designed by ZeusProjects
Printed by Cartograf
1/48th scale 
Price: €20.90
(€24.87 incl. VAT 19% - applies to EU customers only)
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F-16C/D Hellenic Air Force Vipers - Part I decal set includes markings and full stencils in 1/48 for up to 4 F-16C/D Block 52+ and 16C/D Block 52 Advanced in service with Hellenic (Greek) Air Force (HAF).
The sheet is printed by Cartograf Italy in an A4 size decal sheet that allows the modeller to build a model depicting one of the following HAF squadrons: 337 “Ghost” Sq., 340 “Fox” Sq., 343 “Star” Sq. (operating F-16C/D Block 52+) as well as the 335 “Tiger” Sq. and 336 “Olympos” Sq. (operating F-16C/D Block 52 Advanced Vipers).
Full stencils and markings are also provided to model the “1045” frame, a previously F-16C block 50 Viper upgraded to the Advanced specifications and the only one with a GE engine.

Included in this set are:
1. Standard as well as “worn” markings
2. Canopy frame stencils (x2)
3. Full cockpit and wheel bay stencils
4. Squadrons’ tail ribbons & features
5. Carbon fibre exhaust nozzle & ring stencils (2 versions)
6. Full 16-page walkaround photo guide in the instruction booklet including cockpit and landing gear details, wings, exhausts nozzle, etc.
The set is designed to be used with the Tamiya kits but it could be used for any other kit with minor modifications.

Markings for Squadrons in the Greek Airforce:
337 “Ghost”, 
340 “Fox”, 
343 “Star”, 
335 “Tiger” 
336 “Olympus”
Profiles from many angles show the details of the aircraft...
Hellenic Air Force Vipers Part 1 - 1:48 decals for F-16C/D Block52+ and block52M in Greek service is Shipping now. This sheet is only available at or