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A very big mover & trailer with a tank to boot in 72nd scale from Takom

Takom's latest release is a 1/72nd scale kit combo of a truck, trailer & tank in the form of the MAZ-537G Mid Production with the CHMZAP-5247G Semi Trailer + T-54B on top of it. We have some information about May's release in our preview...

A very big mover & trailer with a tank to boot in 72nd scale from Takom

MAZ-537G Mid Production
w/CHMZAP-5247G Semi Trailer + T-54B
From Takom
1/72nd scale
Kit No #5013
The Subject: The MAZ Truck and CHMZAP-5247G Semi Trailer.
The MAZ- 537 is a 12-cylinder diesel engine-powered military truck artillery tractor, originally designed for loads up to 50 tons (using semitrailers such as the ChMZAP-9990 or ChMZAP-5247G, for example) with later versions providing a maximum load of 65 tons. It has been manufactured by the Minsk Automobile Plant (from 1959 to 1965) and the Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant from 1963 until the halt of production in 1990.
The metal cab of the MAZ-537 provides space for the driver and 3 passengers for a total of four occupants, has two access doors on the side and a roof hatch, and is equipped with additional engine-independent heating. 
The 537G modification version is characterized by the addition of a winch to facilitate loading and unloading, as well as enabling self-extraction when stalled in adverse terrain (like mud). The working cable length of the winch is 100 meters, and the winch is able to provide 15 tons of traction.
The vehicle is powered by a 12-cylinder D-12A-525A diesel engine located directly behind the cab. This engine provides preheating as well. 
The drivetrain of the MAZ-537 consists of a hydrodynamic transmission transferring power to the two front axles over a torque converter and a planetary three-stage gearbox with assisted steering (power steering) gear.
The MAZ-537 has been widely used in both military roles (as, for example, artillery tractor trailer (pulling rocket or (ballistic) missile launchers), tank transporter, and airfield tractor) and in the civilian sphere as heavy tractor trailers, tractor ballast (or secondary unit) for carrying extra heavy loads, and in oil and gas fields. Of course these trucks main cargo was meant to be trucks, vehicles and tanks of the Soviet & their allies' armies. and in this case a T-54B in 72nd scale from Takom is included in this kit.

A little bit about the T-54A in real life:
In the beginning of the 1950s, the OKB-520 design bureau of the Stalin Ural Tank Factory No. 183 (Uralvagonzavod) was led by Leonid N. Kartsev, and in March 1953 his first decision was to fit the 100 mm D-10T tank gun with the STP-1 "Gorizont" vertical stabilizer. The new tank gun received the designation D-10TG and was fitted into the T-54's turret. The new tank received night vision equipment for the driver and was designated T-54A (Ob'yekt 137G). Originally, this had a small muzzle counter-weight, which was later replaced with a fume extractor. It was equipped with an OPVT wading snorkel, the TSh-2A-22 telescopic sight, TVN-1 infrared driver's periscope and IR headlight, a new R-113 radio, multi-stage engine air filter and radiator controls for improved engine performance, an electrical oil pump, a bilge pump, an automatic fire extinguisher and extra fuel tanks.
The tank officially entered production in 1954 and service in 1955. It served as a basis for T-54AK command tank, with additional R-112 radio set (front line tanks were equipped with R-113 radio set), TNA-2 navigational device, ammunition load for the main gun decreased by 5 rounds and the AB-1-P/30 charging unit, which was produced in small numbers. In October 1954 a T-54A tank, designated as T-54M (Ob'yekt 139) served as a testbed for new D-54T and D-54TS 100 mm smoothbore guns and "Raduga" and "Molniya" stabilization systems, which were later used in the T-62. These were not completely successful, so further T-55 development continued to use the D-10 series guns
A newer version, based on T-54A, designated T-54B (Ob'yekt 137G2), was designed in 1955. It was fitted with a new 100 mm D-10T2S tank gun with STP-2 "Tsyklon" 2-plane stabilizer. It entered production in 1957. During the last four months of production, the new tanks were equipped with an L-2 "Luna" infrared searchlight and TPN-1-22-11 IR gunner's sight, and OU-3 IR commander's searchlight. Modern APFSDS ammunition was developed, dramatically enhancing the penetrative performance of the gun to keep it competitive with NATO armour developments.

The kit from Takom
This 72nd scale kit combo of the truck, trailer & tank is designed by those very good craftsmen at T-Rex studios, The kit itself features Photo Etch and clear parts are included for both vehicles & the trailer. There are also Link & length tracks for the T-54B which makes them easier to put together. Ammo's team put together the six marking choices for this truck & trailer combo...
- The kit is designed by t-Rex Studio in China
- 6 different marking Schemes included in the box.
- Photo-Etch Parts Included
-High-quality vinyl tyres are included
Link & length tracks for the T-54B

For more on this kit and all of Takom's other models look at their Website